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Epok Licorice White Snus

Epok Licorice snus is described as "well balanced between traditional tobacco flavor and licorice, aniseed with hints of herbs".

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Tobacco weight (g): 21.6Nicotine (%): 0.85
Portions / Can: 24Available Since: 2015
Portionsstorlek: RegularShipping Weight (g): 43
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Licorice
Ingredients: Water, Stabilizer (E 460), Tobacco, Humectant (E 1520), Salt, pH Adjuster (E 500), Flavors incl. Smoke Flavor, Thickener (E 401), Sweetener Xylitol

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Epok Snus uses a proprietary "white tobacco". Snus made with this white tobacco boasts it doesn't run or discolor your teeth, needs no refrigeration, and has the same nicotine delivery as with normal brown tobacco snus.  Epok Snus also contains Xylitol, a
dental-friendly artificial sweetener.


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I like it very much

I use it every morning.
This nicotine speed is very high!
So, I wake forcibly immediately.
I like licorice taste, too. Good!!!

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Great licorice option

First of all, this is a large portion, which is too uncomfortable for it to be an everyday snus for me.

The licorice flavor is excellent, without being overpowering. The flavor is stronger than most of the other Epok options, though, and is quite enjoyable. However, if you don't like licorice (black licorice) flavor, you won't like this.

General info on Epok's white tobacco: unlike what some people mention, there isn't a chemical taste to the tobacco. Epok uses xylitol to sweeten its tobacco, rather than depending on natural sugars. This is better for the teeth, but does have a unique flavor that you may have noticed when chewing gum like Trident. It quickly becomes unnoticeable. The tobacco itself has a mild flavor, with a fairly simple and straightforward flavor profile. It does miss some of the flavor notes often found in normal snus.

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White tobacco not for me

I reviewed the mint epok snus and got to say it tastes amazing. However I comented on how strong the burn was. Very VERY hard on your gums. I thought it was a cool novelty (and it is) but then I tried licorice by epok.

These are not slim portions. They are full regular size. They are filled with tobacco and are VERY soft. That's the 1 star right there in terms of any positives. It just goes downhill from there. The smell is intense! It has that signature white tobacco smell but unlike the mint where it's more subdued it's alive with full force in these portions! It's horrible. It smells like something you would clean your sink with. Then there is the 10% of the smell of licorice which is completely subdued by the white tobacco. It smells horrible.

Here's the interesting part. These things BURN like a mint portion. I kid you not supposedly zero menthol and these have a mint burn one would find in Odens Cold or General mint. That's fine if that's your thing, but I kept asking myself what the heck is making these burn so bad. I'm seriously wondering if it has anything to do with whatever they use to whiten the tobacco! Is this stuff literally bleaching my gums or something?

I spit it out and the rest of the can is going in the trash. Very sad that this was my first introduction to a lakrits or licorice flavor. I imagine it's better but as for epok tobacco I'm done. It's a shame, I love the xylitol sweetener, I wish more companies would use it. Try it if you must, but I can't see these lasting long. I'd be suprised if anyone liked these enough to buy a full roll and use it on the regular.

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You know the smell of day-old, cheap coffee grounds?

Well, that's exactly what this smells and tastes like. I had to make sure I grabbed the correct can—thought maybe I popped in their coffee snus instead.

Large portion, soft mouthfeel & comfortable enough under the lip, though I do prefer slim portions.

First 10 minutes, I had to force myself to keep it in my lip. As I mentioned, if you've ever smelled really old, used coffee grounds, like those in a gas station for example, imagine that smell as a snus. I waited 20 minutes, hoping the flavor would develop into licorice somehow. I love black licorice, particularly the salted Scandinavian lozenges, salmiaklakrits. I was hoping for a nice hit of licorice with this snus, but... yuck. Old, cheap coffee grounds.

If you're seeking a rich licorice snus, and don't mind mini portions, I recommend Catch Licorice Original Mini. The White version is okay, but much milder than the Original and doesn't really satisfy my licorice craving as much.

Overall, give it a go if you're curious. But don't say I didn't warn you. ;-)

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Epok Licorice White Snus

Epok Licorice White Snus

Epok Licorice snus is described as "well balanced between traditional tobacco flavor and licorice, aniseed with hints of herbs".

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US Government Mandated Warnings for Americans 

Depending on the month, this product can cause mouth cancer, can cause gum disease and tooth loss, 
is not a safe alternative for cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco is addictive.

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