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General Classic Extra Strong

General Extra Strong portion snus, earlier known as General Ekstra Sterk portion snus, was the first Extra Strong snus made under the General brand name.

1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 22Nicotine (%): 1.4
Portions / Can: 20Available Since: 2008
Portionsstorlek: RegularShipping Weight (g): 40
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Bergamot, Herbs
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Humectant (E 1520), Salt, pH Adjuster (E 500), Salmiac, Flavors incl. Smoke Flavor

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General Extra Strong portion snus, earlier known as General Ekstra Sterk portion snus, was the first Extra Strong snus made under the General brand name.

With a nicotine level of 15mg per portion, Extra Strong delivers the nicotine satisfaction you crave. A strong and spicy snus with a subtle smokiness and an element of citrus typical of the General snus recipe. A personal favorite here at SnusCentral!


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Brace Yourself

Flavor bomb. Rich tobacco and tons of bergamot. This portion has a solid kick and will satisfy just about anybody out there.

For me, this is a good after dinner snus when you just want to relax on the couch or in bed. In the end, this is a solid, reliable offering that has dimension and kick.

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General extra strong

Excellent snus.Takes a bit of getting used to.My favourite by far.


    Very Strong

    This is the first snus I ever purchased and tried. I have to say, I don't much care for the taste. However I won't let that sway my opinion. It is a great snus that packs a good amount of nicotine. If you're trying to quit smoking, this would be a good snus to try if you smoked quite a bit.
    If you're not used to the taste, it might come off a bit strange. It's definitely an acquired taste. If you're used to American chew/dip/snus I would start with a flavored snus like mint or wintergreen. Other than the taste it is an amazing snus that will provide you with the nicotine you're looking for.


      My favorite

      This has been my top dog for about 8 years now. I'll try any brand/flavor, and like most of them, but I always return to General Extra Sterk. Love the taste.


        Casey B.

        My favorite snus in my daily rotation by far. As an American tobacco user I was accustomed to the richness of American snuffs and went out on a limb to try this version of the General original and it greatly exceeded my expectations. The flavor is rich much like American tobacco but with a much more refined, yet subtle flavor. It is perfectly balanced between spice notes, rich tobacco notes with citrus undertones and a salt finish that is far superior to the original portion in my mind in flavour and nicotine satisfaction that anyone switching from an American product will certainly appreciate, The nicotine delivery is refreshing and cerebral and will satisfy even a seasoned snuser. I urge you to try this snus, It is a daily staple of mine and I don't foresee that changing anytime soon. Do yourself a favor and buy this snus.

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        This snus is a must have.

        General Extra Strong has the classic Swedish snus flavor profile, with full tobacco flavor and bergamont flavoring. This extra strong portion also has a more peppery taste compared to General Original Portion.

        Each portion has 1.1 grams so they are more full and feel nice under the lip compared to other brands portion sizes.

        The strength is exactly what you'd want for an extra stark, it has a nice kick to it. Altogether general extra strength has the perfect nic hit and taste, all around one of the best out there.


          Gold Standard

          This is by far my favorite snus. Very smooth flavor with a good amount of drip, which I like. The flavor is immediate and lasts for an hour easy. Tobacco, salt, and a slight sweetness that I love but can't really place (kind of like a chewing tobacco or maybe raisins).

          Provides a good, strong nic hit while still being easy on the gums. Goes well with coffee, beer, whiskey...pretty much anything I've thrown at it.

          If I could only choose one snus, this would be it no questions asked.



            I've been literally dying to escape my cigarette habit for years. I tried everything under the sun: other tobacco products, gum, patches, lozenges, medications, even e-cigs. It seemed nothing could satisfy that overwhelming urge for nicotine.
            General Extra Strong portion snus is the first product I have ever tried that absolutely crushed my cigarette cravings. The flavor is wonderful, and the convenience and discretion this product provides are without parallel. I'll be coming back here for years to come.

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            Brian AUSTRALIA

            Ive tried that many types of snus in last 20 yrs and this is the best taste and longest lasting of all... a true classic

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            Better then odens in my opinion, great snus tobacco flavour and good nic hit when you need it. If you just want a good nic hit after dinner or during a stressful day, or even just with coffee, with General Ekstra Sterk you cant go wrong.

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            I have tried a few brands of the extra strong portion suns. My favorite so far is General. A little more refined than Thunder... more consistent I guess. I also prefer it to Odens, though I haven't tried the extreme portion, yet. What I get from General Extra Sterk is what I expect, every time...


              The nicotine hit is definitely great, but the flavor is a little off from regular General portions. Too much citrus and acidity in the flavor for my liking. I think the general white sterk is much better in comparison.


                First let me start off by saying that I am fairly new to the snus product, and this is what helped me stopped smoking. This snus brand is one of my favorites after trying about six or so different brands so far, it has a mild "smoky" flavor. It doesn't taste as strong or powerful as the General Onyx in my opinion and for me it is has that great taste that suits me perfectly.
                I highly recommend this.


                  Need a five star General? Here is one that will take you into battle with nicotine, bruise you up a little and put your head in a tailspin just enough that you will want to take on bigger enemies. That is the Ekstra Sterkhold it will put on ya' and you will be wanting more. I cannot say enough about the taste of this fine snus. When I first put one in my mouth I was in heaven with the flavor which started out as a hint of salt mixing in with a lemon that tasted like it just came off the pit, after about 10 minutes really fine hints of smooth peppered tobacco began creeping in to compliment the whole symphony of flavors. Now on to the portions, they are fairly moist, easy on the gums and all were puffy and full to the top with tobacco with no noticeable variations between fill rates as in some other brands I have tried. Will I buy it again? Absolutely without hesitation and it will be an everyday battle I will enjoy for years to come. Snus on ~ and enjoy.

                  • 4 out of 4 people found this review useful.

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                  General Classic Extra Strong

                  General Classic Extra Strong

                  General Extra Strong portion snus, earlier known as General Ekstra Sterk portion snus, was the first Extra Strong snus made under the General brand name.

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                  Depending on the month, this product can cause mouth cancer, can cause gum disease and tooth loss, 
                  is not a safe alternative for cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco is addictive.

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