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Änglaholm White Portion

Änglaholm White Portion Snus is new for Q3 2016 and a truly unique offering not only from manufacturer GNT, but on the Swedish market today.  It features the Cornel berry; yet another fruit Americans have probably never heard of.  This is a premium snus and will certainly join the rotation of me, Moe Unz!

1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 18Nicotine (%): 1.2
Portions / Can: ~18Available Since: 2016
Portionsstorlek: NormalShipping Weight (g): 35
Ingredients: Tobacco, Water, Salt, Flavors, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 501)

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  Änglaholm White Portion Snus, named after the Swedish town of Anglaholm for unknown reasons, is a real snus treat.

  The style reminds me of the now-departed Roda Lacket White Portion but with Cornel berries as the fruit flavoring.  Cornel berries have a sweet/sour cherry-like taste.

  To me, Moe Unz, it is perfect balance and not overpowering cherry at all.  The flavor is there but like Änglaholm White Portion Snus, it is tempered and melded with the tobacco and a dried fruit flavor which caresses the pallet without being overwhelming.

  On paper, this is a strong portion snus at 1.2% nicotine but it feels like a 0.8mg nicotine snus in practice.  I have decided to classify Änglaholm White Portion Snus as a regular strength; not a strong snus here at the SnusCentral.com Snus Shop.

  I have a special selection of berry and fruit flavored snuses I alternate with in my regular rotation.  Änglaholm White Portion Snus has joined that elite group.



My every 3rd can

2 years snusing, agreed this performs like a .8 and the flavor is more of cherry licorice to me that is subtle and doesn't hang around too long. This drip does stain the teeth a bit so it's usually in my lower lip.


    Love it - Chain Snuser

    Its my go-between for the higher nic snuses. Am not going to waste time on balance, notes, floral crap. It tastes like cherry lip balm on a camels cunt. Its good stuff. Try, you'll like.


      Nice fruit snus

      This is a good fruit snus with light cornel (slight cherry) undertones and salty tobacco only issue I have with it is the taste seems to fade fast 35-40 minutes. But I can recommend it if you like traditional snus but want something with a different flavor.

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      Great snus, with a small issue

      I love this snus. Flavor is great and it has a very long shelf life. They got the recipe right. Just kinda cheapened the product in the final steps.
      The only issues are: 1) each portion needs to have more snus added, or make each portion smaller. There seems to be a lot of extra or leftover portion material. 2) A softer portion material needs to be used. If they could use a material as soft as Onyx, it would be perfect.
      If the mfg would make the above two changes, this would be my everyday snus. I would also pay quite a bit more for this snus.
      They got the recipe spot on for the snus. It is really great. There's nothing like it Even the can artwork is cool.
      It just seems like they cheapened the product by the use of portion material and by reducing the amount of snus in each portion.
      A los would be VERY interesting.

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      Not what I expected, different yet good

      I wanted to try this one after seeing some of the reviews. Right when I opened the can the smell put me off a bit because I'm used to sweet smelling cherries. Angaholm smells tart and I didn't like it at first. However working through several portions I came to enjoy the flavor much more as I got used to the tart dark cherry pit sorta flavor. The portions are white yet the snus is pretty moist inside, and a bit clumpy. GN doesn't do many white portions so maybe they're just getting the hang of it. Overall a nice unsweet fruit snus that's worth a try at a good price. Will order a couple cans every now and again

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      The flavor is great -- it tastes a lot like the center of a cherry mash candy which some people from the US may know. However... the pouch is sized weird, and it's WAY too abrasive! If they released this in a slim portion, it would be a 5/5.



        I was initially really impressed with this one. The cornel berries really do taste like cherries, although I didn't get the sour tang flavor. My issue with it was that it started giving me a headache every time I had one. This on top of the cornel flavor being so forward that every satchet was just cornel world--a kind of cloying sweetness that never really changed or had much depth--makes it hard to recommend.


          Thumbs up

          I really enjoy this snus. It has a very pleasant taste of fruit and tobacco. It's mild so sometimes I'll throw two in depending on how I feel.


            Tried it because of price

            and I liked it. I didn't get as many berry notes as others are saying, but it did taste refreshing.


              Great Flavor IMO

              I ordered one can. I plan on ordering a roll. I really like the flavor and the pouches seem really soft. I rated 4 out of 5 because I do wish that the flavor (not the nicotine) was more pronounced, lasted longer and the can contained 24 portions. The flavor is very mild, almost fleeting, and I find after about 5/10 minutes (after the salt wars off) I begin rotating the location frequently to try and release more flavor. Maybe if it was in an original portion....

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              very good snus

              Ver gut spicy yet subtle gut with beer

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              Almost Perfect "Fruit" Snus

              I received this in a Bag o' Snus random pack from my last order and a roll just went into my cart. When I first started using snus, I loved the sweet ones...but with time, I eventually gravitated more towards tobacco flavored snus. This hit that near perfect spot for me these days, where the snus doesn't taste sweet and offers a nice tobacco flavor, but has a deceptively sweet aroma and just a faint taste of this so called cornel berry. I hope this one sticks around because I can see myself putting in for a roll every order.

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              A new favorite

              This snus is fantastic, and a new favorite of mine.

              The fruit is perfectly balanced with the tobacco, and not particularly sweet at all. It seems tricky to do, most of them are either too week on the fruit, or more often obnoxiously overpowering and sweet.

              It's the only fruit snus I've tried which I can happily use all day. Great stuff.

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              Excellent Snus

              Very unique flavor - fruity, with a pleasant mild tobacco background. I'd compare it to Nick and Johnny Americana, but I think I like this better. Very good and worth trying.

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              Strawberry and tobacco

              Tastes like strawberries with a mild tobacco background. Plump portions but a little too dry for my tastes.

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              Änglaholm White Portion

              Änglaholm White Portion

              Änglaholm White Portion Snus is new for Q3 2016 and a truly unique offering not only from manufacturer GNT, but on the Swedish market today.  It features the Cornel berry; yet another fruit Americans have probably never heard of.  This is a premium snus and will certainly join the rotation of me, Moe Unz!

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