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Skruf Cranberry White

Now make from certified 100% organic tobacco and natural flavors! Skruf Cranberry White Portion Snus is quite simply the white portion version of their legendary skruf tranbär (cranberry) original portion snus. No big mystery here; just great cranberry and tobacco taste.

1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 21.6Nicotine (%): (medium)
Portions / Can: 24Available Since: 2012
Pouch Size: NormalShipping Weight (g): 40
Flavor Descr: CranberryFlavor Group: Fruity
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Humectant (E 1520), Salt, pH Adjuster (E 500), Flavors

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White portion snuses run slower than original or wet portions. They also tend to last longer. White portions have been rising in popularity in recent years. We're glad one of our long-time favorite flavored snus products is finally available for white portion fans.



Barely any flavor

It was stated over and over...not sure why I didn't believe it - perhaps because somehow the rating was still so high? Not terrible flavor that is there, but you gotta really use your imagination to taste cranberries and it doesn't last.


    My go to Snus

    I like that they use ecological tobacco. This is my go to snus as it has a subtle enough flavor to be used everyday but still very enjoyable and refreshing. I find the effect of this snus to be soothing and enlivening.



      This has become my "go to" portion snus. I'm super averse to sweetened snus (well... most flavored snus), but this is different (in a good way). It's as if they replaced the citrus/rose oil in their original blend with a natural cranberry flavor (think fresh, tart cranberry). As such, the cranberry notes are more subtle, but compliment the tobacco flavor marvelously. Very little drip (perfect for the office or social occasions), with enough nicotine that I don't feel the need to double barrel (put in two pouches). Lastly, there's the packaging--which pictures simply don't do justice. Matte finish label color matches the can, with embossing... set's the bar for quality.

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      Similar to Änglaholm but with cranberry

      Very slight cranberry flavor which fades quickly which leaves you with a passing hint of pepper and the taste of paper which I think comes from the portion material. Only other snus I’ve had with this type or portion material is LD.


        Did Not Get Cranberry

        I thought this would have a stronger cranberry flavor. I think it could have just been called berry, as there is some sweet light notes but nothing I would categorize as specifically cranberry.

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        Where's the Cranberry?

        Weak to nonexistent cranberry flavor. I like to make cranberry sauce year round and put on nearly everything...I had high expectations for this snus. Fair snus overall, but needs a lot of work on the cranberry flavoring if Skruf is going to market it as such.

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        I enjoyed it

        The taste of cranberry is very subtle. Being from the United States I decided it was time to explore what is available outside of my normal trip to the gas station. I got no drip after about 45 mins. I enjoy the flavor. Something different outside of my normal general wintergreen experience. Would definitely purchase again.

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        Very salty snus

        This snus is one of my least favorite ive tried. I was expecting a fruity cranberry flavor, but initially the taste is very strong salt with very very slight hints of tart cranberry. After about 20 minutes the salt flavor starts to dissipate and the cranberry comes through slightly more. But the flavor is still very subtle and nearly unnoticeable to me. It was overall very salty and very irritating on my gums so definitely not one i would order again.

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        Take it from a Bog Boy...

        I grew up in Plymouth Massachusetts, the cranberry capital of the world. In fact, my first job was on Old Man Stern's Cranberry Bog just across the woods behind my house. I'll never forget the color palette of the world I grew up in. Blue sky, green pines, ran dry grass swaying in the cool breeze and and the vibrant crimson red of the berries at harvest. Skruf has produced a fitting tribute to those nostalgic memories. The rich tobacco taste is nicely suported but not overpowered by the delicate cranberry flavor. Grab a can and use it as a break in your rotation. Something different when you find yourself introspective and at peace. Pop one in and come visit me here in Plymouth, it's berries as far as the eye can see...

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        I could see why someone wouldn't like this. For a "cranberry" taste it's a 2/5. But the snus taste in general is 5/5. It's super mellow but the taste is there and i personally like it.

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        I can dig it

        I wasn't around before the switch to the Ecological line, so I can't compare, but I do really enjoy this. When I opened the can originally I worried that it was pretty moist for a white portion, but it wasn't a problem. No too much drip, very subtle cranberry nuance. Nothing sweet about it.

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        Messing with a Classic

        Skruf changed the Cranberry and Tobacco when going to the Ecological, and unfortunately its just not as good as it once was. It's not a terrible Snus now, but the flavor of the cranberry doesn't shine like it used to, and the flavor goes sour around 40min instead of the usual 1hr mark. I think Skruf needs to keep tinkering with this one to bring it back to greatness.

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        These days, my snus of choice is Skruf original portion. But I was intrigued to try the Cranberry White Portion. What I liked about it is that the cranberry flavour is not overwhelming; there is just a hint of it. I have often found that "flavoured" snus are too strongly flavoured in their featured ingredient and after the initial flavour wears off, there is an unpleasant bitter after-taste. Not so with the cranberry which is understated. Indeed, it is on the order of the regular minor flavours that all "regular" snus seem to have (ie salt). So that is what I like about this one.

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        I was really expecting a lot from this snus. I have tried a few flavored snus products, and cranberry sounded intriguing. Unfortunately, the flavor is very, very muted. Not nearly as robust a berry flavor as I expected. What flavor there is develops slowly, although this does not necessarily surprise me as it is a white portion that is pretty dry. When it does develop, as I stated, it is barely there. I have worked through one can and the second I received in the same order will definitely spend some time in the refrigerator. I will likely use it, at some point, but I am certainly in no hurry to do so.

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        Skruf Cranberry White

        Skruf Cranberry White

        Now make from certified 100% organic tobacco and natural flavors! Skruf Cranberry White Portion Snus is quite simply the white portion version of their legendary skruf tranbär (cranberry) original portion snus. No big mystery here; just great cranberry and tobacco taste.

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