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GAMMAL - Oden's Extreme Melon

The fruity flavor of honey melon and salt combine to make an outstanding high nicotine melon snus.  This is a must-try snus not only for Oden's Extreme fans, but melon snus fans everywhere!  Moe loves this one.
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 18Nicotine (%): 2.2
Portions / Can: ~20Available Since: 2013
Portionsstorlek: RegularShipping Weight (g): 35
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Melon
Ingredients: Tobacco, Water, Salt, Flavors, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 501)



Just right

Not overpoweringly sweet like the Jakobsson's. Just the right amount of a lightly salted melon flavor to go along with a nice, strong nicotine delivery.

Will probably be a pretty regular order for me in the future

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This stuff is amazing

This is the first ever snus i had tried!! i love it so much! it gives a nice nic kick but also taste great!!!!!


    Surprised Me! I Love it

    I almost passed on getting this 1 but when Moe Untz says its in his rotation you just gotta try it. I came up w/it's a more authentic melon flavor similar to a nice cantaloupe w/salt on a summer day! Perfectly balanced flavor not too sweet or salty but just right to me & being from Extreme line is a bonus which makes it a great after dinner Snus for me. I also thought this & maybe it's just me but do these portions seem bigger & wetter than other Oden's Extreme portions not white ones! It's almost like they add extra flavor or I just got lucky & got a great roll of 10 & so far all the portions have been plump, feels great in lip, & the whole portion is wetted down w/flavor! I gave some to a few friends 1 said "way too salty" but he also won't eat cantaloupe either. The other just switched from dip & said "the salt was so strong the next day after using listerine in morning & felt his top lip burnt really bad & panicked after he seen a round patch of white skin peeling off lip he called me freaking out saying it's cancer I know it is it's a white patch & im going to doctor today ASAP!" LOL I Told don't freak, the top lip just isn't used to the salt in Snus yet it'll burn & peel off a small layer until it's used to it & it'll stop just like the "mint burns" 1 gets from using a nice mint Snus 1st few times!


      Pretty damn good

      This is a very good snus. I have only tried a few brands so far but I think Oden's Extreme is my choice.
      The can is pretty neat, it looks like a melon rind and has the texture, but it's a little difficult to open.
      It leaves a pretty good taste of juicy melon throughout your mouth, and you can give it an occasional lick for a blast of honeydew!


        Fantastic Melon Snus

        Wow, I was blown away by the flavor of this snus. In my opinion, it is perfect. It reminds me of a watermelon jolly rancher but a little more towards the honeydew (which the textured can so creatively represents). Even though it is a sweet fruity flavor, its not synthetic tasting and doesn't overwhelm like a jolly rancher candy would.

        Did I mention how strong this snus is? I switched to Swedish Snus from American Long Cut and this gave me a strong buzz. I thought it was too strong after the first portion but after the 2nd it was perfect. Oden knocked it out of the park with this snus!

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        not 20

        My take on the Melon.... I could smell the melon in the box. Made my mouth water! It is lightly sweet but not overpowering sweet. As a southern woman would describe it... a salted honeydew. Delicious! My new favorite. I gave it a 4 because it only had 16 in it.... not 20

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        "~20" must be swedish for 16!!! :/

        I usually only like los as portions seem unnecessary to me a can on of Oden's extreme los lasts me easily 3 times as long as a can of portiona
        I make. Custom piercing jewelry in my
        one workshop so the benefit most find in portions font matter. Started dating a city girl so I now have a good reason for clean easy snus removal and not looking like I'm eating dirt with the I occasional mudslide
        These were decent but wish They tasted MORE LIKE MELON the flavor is VERY slight. Font get me wrong I LOVE the taste of original but was hoping for something i might be able to get HER to try instead of smoking...NOPE. a Little More flavor would be perfect not looking camel's nauseating saccharine vomit inducing sweetness just More MELON. Still worth a try. Every one of My Dipper Homies I've let try loved em Maybe it's just me. Also
        Did I get a shorted batch of cans in my roll? Every last one of em only had 16 inside? :( I dont know what ~ means but 20! Means 20 here in Murica! Please check for yourselves and update the portions per can part of the description. Very bummed about that.

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        Jam Sandwich...

        All I can say is "come-o". When my day is all...Mehh. I'm like Extreme Mellon, get in my mouth. All my problems melt away in a Rock n' Roll symphony of wacky tobacy and sweet candy memories. Do your self a "flavor" and ham one in.

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        strength, heavy tobacco flavor, and Sweet-tarts.

        Oden's Extreme snus is extremely strong.
        This snus will get a true nicotine junkie high, not buzzed, on nicotine. You should expect to have to take the pouch out of your mouth after a short while because of how strong this snus is. Two or three pouches of Oden's Extreme snus is enough to get me through any day. The strength of this snus makes it a very economical choice.

        Oden's Extreme snus, like all swedish snus, has a very prominent tobacco flavor and just a hint of the other flavoring. I have tried Camel Frost, Camel Wintergreen, Camel Robust, Camel Mellow, Camel Mint, General Mint, Oden's Doublemint Extreme, General Wintergreen, Oden's Melon Extreme, Nick & Johnny Americana Xtra Strong, Crafted Snus Whisky Original by Conny Andersson, and Oden's Vanilla Extreme. Oden's Melon Extreme has a lot of flavoring added and a strong tobacco taste. I was surprised to find that my favorite of all the snus that I have tried is Oden's Melon Extreme Portion Snus. Oden's Melon Extreme Portion Snus has a heavy tobacco flavor with a light Sweet-Tarts candy flavoring added.

        These pouches are very large.

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        Worth trying out

        I decided to try this out since I enjoy Melon flavored Snus from time to time. I did enjoy this flavor and would make for a good alternate from the Extreme White Dry. Moe is not wrong to love this.

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        GAMMAL - Oden's Extreme Melon

        GAMMAL - Oden's Extreme Melon

        The fruity flavor of honey melon and salt combine to make an outstanding high nicotine melon snus.  This is a must-try snus not only for Oden's Extreme fans, but melon snus fans everywhere!  Moe loves this one.

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