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GAMMAL - Oden's Extreme Cold White Dry

Odens Extreme Cold White Dry Portion Snus is the high nicotine version of the very popular Odens Cold White Dry portion snus.  Enjoy the fresh spearmint flavor and a prolonged nicotine release which comes on slowly but strongly!
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 10Nicotine (%): 2.2
Portions / Can: 12 - 14Available Since: 2013
Portionsstorlek: RegularShipping Weight (g): 26
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Spearmint
Ingredients: Tobacco, Water, Salt, Flavors, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 501)

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Odens Extreme Cold White Dry Portion Snus - Hold onto your high nicotine hat when using! 




This is by far the best snus I've ever had. Excellent flavor complimented with a long-lasting minty sensation. 10 stars!

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Excellent flavor; mind-blowing nic-hit

I'm no fan of flavored snus. I prefer "traditional" flavors such as in Oden's Original wp or General's Onyx (my 2 faves). This blend is great and provides a refreshing spearmint, but it's not over-bearingly sweet.... it has a very natural flavor and not that of candy and sugar like many of the other mint/spearmint I've tried. This one's going into my rotation (so long it's on sale). The portion count is disappointing and thus my 4 star rating, but when they do the " [x amount] of free can" promos, it's worth it.

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Love it, but...

The amount of portions really is a downer. I really, really like this snus, but hate only getting 12-14 portions in a can.

I love the mint burn and the nic hit.

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great snus

Great snus with a nice strong cool Monty feel/taste. But only 13 portions for the same price as 18-20 of same strength is wrong. Had me wanting more so I bought another flavor with 20 per can.


    Got a can when trying my first "Bag-O-Snus" (which I found is a very good deal). Overall, a very good snus. Mild flavor, just a hint of mint, you almost don't notice it, as least those of us that use strong mint snus like Thunder's Cool Mint and Frosted. Mild flavor like a regular white, but has the nicotine hit you expect. Very neutral tobacco flavor, low drip, not particularly salty, very balanced overall. I don't see much of a nicotine difference in this and the Thunder snus or Oden's regular Strong snus, but I did notice the flavor lasted a very long time, making it economical. I had no problem leaving them in 2 hours without the taste going bitter on me. Worth a try, even if you aren't into mint snus.


      I usually order the Extreme White Dry but since this was on sale I figured, why not give it a try. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would, it burned my gums a bit at first because of the Cold mint aspect I think. I'll order it again especially if it's on sale 15 for 10 :)

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      What's best about this snus is it's ability to give you a good hit when you need it, "dependable" is the word I would use. The white dry portions provide a very clean feeling, making it great on any occasion. If your like me and felt that many other extra strong/ultra strong portions didn't live up to the hype, this one is definitely worth a try. The only downside is that it's perhaps too strong to use on a regular basis.


        Absolutely love this snus, but 13 portions per can? That's borderline insulting. I would rate this a 5 strictly on the quality of the snus, but the fact that it's a blatant rip off drops it to a 2.


          I liked Odens Cold White portions quite nicely, so I figured I'd give their Extreme version a shot.

          Wow. As far as white portions go, I've never had a nic hit like this. Ever. This white is almost as potent as the regular Thunder Ultra RAW portions. Flavor-wise, you get the same smooth, almost creamy mint flavor in the Extreme Cold White, just enhanced with a potent hit of nicotine. I think if there's a difference between the regukar and Extreme, there's a bit more of a tobacco flavor underneath. It's not at the forefront of the flavor profile, but it's definitely there. A really high quality snus, and unless you hate mint, it's defintitely something to try.


            Just tried this recently.i figured it would be strong, but this was by far the strongest nic hit from the extreme brands that ive had to date,which surprized me with it being a wp version.but it is a hard hitter! Doesnt smack ya right off the bat,but comes on quicker than you may expect.if this hits as hard as it does ,the original version must be a monster too.anyways,great minty flavor without being candy sweet.if ya like hard hitting snus,definately try this one.

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              And the amount of portions is a bummer to like others have stated

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                GAMMAL - Oden's Extreme Cold White Dry

                GAMMAL - Oden's Extreme Cold White Dry

                Odens Extreme Cold White Dry Portion Snus is the high nicotine version of the very popular Odens Cold White Dry portion snus.  Enjoy the fresh spearmint flavor and a prolonged nicotine release which comes on slowly but strongly!

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