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Thunder Ultra Frosted

Thunder Frosted ULTRA Strong Portion Snus is the strongest Thunder snus ever: 21 mg/gram nicotine. It has the cool and fresh spearmint flavor as in the other Frosted variations.
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 19.8Nicotine (%): 2.2
Portions / Can: 22Available Since: 2009
Portionsstorlek: NormalShipping Weight (g): 36
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Spearmint
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Humectants (E 422, E 1520), Salt, pH Adjuster (E 500), Flavors incl. Smoke Flavor

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Thunder Frosted ULTRA Strong Portion Snus is the strongest Thunder snus ever: 21 mg/gram nicotine. It has the cool and fresh spearmint flavor as in the other Frosted variations.If you're a fan of Thunder Frosted Extra Strong snus and want that extra kick, then sit down, strap in, and pop in a portion of Thunder Frosted ULTRA Strong Portion Snus.



A Kick in the F**king Face!

Holy hell! As advertised!

This stuff has a super intense flavor and a nicotine buzz to match. The mint is overpowering, so much so that it’s bitter. I get zero sweet from this one. And the nicotine is waaaaay up there. The buzz comes in like a freight train if your use to lower nic portions.

All-in-all, I would describe it as a very edgy experience. One that may take me some to get use to.


    Snus Review

    This is the first ultra strong I've tried and I must say it is definitely satisfying. If you're a nicotine junkie like me, or you need a stronger snus to stop smoking with, this would be my recommendation. The taste is absolutely amazing and not too sweet. It's just the right amount of sweetness to saltiness ratio. Definitely will buy this again!

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    Kicks like a mule that has been stung by a bee.

    First off, I'm a big fan of V2 products. My preferred los is Thunder Extra Strong Frosted. And of course the Thunder Extra Strong Frosted Portions are excellent as well. The ultra however is a bit of a different animal entirely.

    The portions in this first can I've been using are excellent. A nice moist pouch filled with tobacco that when fluffed and rolled distributes evenly. In the first 3 minutes, the familiar spearmint burn is present. After the 3-5 minute mark, The nicotine begins to kick in and ascends quickly. It's tobacco forward and rich. The mint fades into the background and although it never fades completely, takes a definite backseat. Nic for me peaks around the 90 minute mark and then gradually drops off. As other reviewers have stated, this portion could easily last 3 hours or more.

    I can't give it a 5 star simply because at 22mg/g it definitely isn't something that I can snus all day. The nic hit will leave you reeling if you aren't prepared for it and honestly, as I write this review I've been doing quite a bit of backspacing to remove typos. Try this ONLY after a meal, your stomach will thank you later. And please, for the love of god, unless you have an incredible tolerance for nic, Don't operate a motor vehicle when using it!

    In summary: I'd like to see V2 introduce another tobacco forward mint with a little less nicotine. Maybe something in the 18mg/g range.

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    Get what you pay for.

    I got this in the Ultimate strong portion kit and, hated it. From what I have read so far on Thunder snus I will not like any in the line. The taste is too artificial. It's like drinking flavoring. It turned me stomach something awful. I also got that apple with that and, at least enjoyed the taste a little bit till it turned my stomach. I would rate it a 1 but, it appears most people like this stuff I find revolting and, I don't want to drag the average down too far.


      So good you'll never want to use American chew again.

      After tying all of the thunder snus portions I have to say hands down this is the most intense kick I have ever gotten from any type of tobacco product you hold in your mouth. The minty sensation is only heightened by the intense rush of nicotine after the first 3 minutes of it being in your mouth. The best part about this product is the length of which you can keep these in. I've gone though 6 hour shifts with a single portion. Be aware - these will kick you in the face. I try to get all my American Chew friends to switch over. I've ordered probably about 20 rolls of these over the past 2 years and I'm still coming back. I'll be a life long customer of this product for sure (if i ever decide to quit ) I give it a 5 out of 5. Keep it up V2!

      *Side note

      My first experience with these exact portions was right when I made the switch from Grizzly Wintergreen to Thunder Ultra. I thought the Snus wasn't going to do anything so I popped in 3 of them. Big MISTAKE! I was driving on the expressway and ended up taking one of them out, then 2, then pulled over and puked. This snus is no joke.


        I've grown tired of Frosted and moved to Cool Mint, but I liked this very well after getting a can in a "Bag O Snus" special. It has a lot less mint flavor than regular Frosted, but in a good way. It actually drips less than I expected, again in a good way. I don't necessarily feel more nicotine than in a regular Frosted, but it does seem to last longer, making it a better value. Taste wise, it (ironically) tastes like a milder blend of regular Thunder and Frosted. Where I couldn't use any of the mints as an "all day, every day" snus, I can see someone using this for just that, but having to swap out snus much less often due to the higher nicotine. I usually get two hours out of one of these, and even if I forget and leave it in, at three hours, it doesn't taste bitter.


          I only order this stuff.. If you havent tried this yet dont. I have built up a tolerance to this and double pouch it with ease multiple times a day. God knows what that level of nicotine does to your body in the long term. I am waiting for an even stronger version of this to come out...........Once you get on this one other snus will not do anything. I can horseshoe Odens extreme without even getting a buzz. If you want to enjoy other snus flavors etc stay away from this.

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          This one kicks you in the face HARD; reminds me of the first time I used Thunder Frosted. I recommend using this while sitting down because you will get a momentary high. Also do not take on an empty stomach or you will regret it.

          Overall, tastes almost the same as Thunder Frosted, but it is slightly different (can't quite describe it). Like all V2 products it drips quite a bit, but this is remedied by ignoring it or drinking something (soda works well, especially if you still can't stomach swallowing the juice).

          Great snus for those looking for one monster of a kick, and as someone mentioned maybe not the best for the newcomers, but everyone is different :D


            This is NOT for a new snuser like me. I got it mainly because I like the mint flavors, and I wanted to see what my limits were. It has a very tingly mint that hits right away, and the nicotine levels are staggeringly high, someone new to it who doesn't have a previous tobacco habit will get overwhelmed by it. I had to sit down the first time I had it.

            That being said, the portions are very very moist and again they tend to drip quickly. I can't say this is bad by any means - it is a quality product. But it is certainly the deep end of the pool of the snus experience.


              Got my 10 can roll last monday, and I'lll have to say that this snus is by far the best I've had. I love the extra nicotine because it makes it last longer. I have about maybe 4-5 portions per day. You do the math - i used to smoke a pack a day at 5-6$ a pack. Talk about saving my money and my health. I love you swedish snus, and especially Thunder Raw. Same taste as thunder frosted but last longer IMO.


                I love this, it is the same great taste of Thunder frosted but with quite a kick!
                Flavor seems to fade a little sooner but that could be my imagination. All Thunder products are a great value.

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                  Thunder Ultra Frosted

                  Thunder Ultra Frosted

                  Thunder Frosted ULTRA Strong Portion Snus is the strongest Thunder snus ever: 21 mg/gram nicotine. It has the cool and fresh spearmint flavor as in the other Frosted variations.

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