The Pact Act

Since the enactment of The Tobacco Control Act and The PACT Act in the United States, there has been a lot of accurate but also very non-factual statements made concerning responsibilities under these laws.

US regulations concerning foreign tobacco exporter to consumer seem to be a living entitiy; ever changing. is a Swedish corporation with no warehouse, offices or any other physical presence within the USA.  We are an established Swedish company, are, and have always been committed to be compliant with all laws and regulations for all the counties we do business in around the world.

With the guidance of our legal counsel, we have already complied with the non-ambiguous sections of both the PACT Act and the Tobacco Control Act.  Our facilitation warehouse is registered with the US BATF as required.  As other sections are clarified and created, we will take the necessary steps to ensure we continue to remain in compliance. is here for you today and will also be here for you tomorrow. 

  • For Americans purchasing from, the following additional steps have already been implemented:
  • We have installed the top industry-standard age verification system available to ensure only those of legal age can purchase from our Snus Store.  Should you have any issues in age-verifying your account, please contact us and we’ll help you.
  • We no longer ship to the US via the Postal Service.  Presently we are using UPS.
  • We pay the appropriate duties and government fees up front for you.  We use the UPS DDP (Delivery and Duty Paid) service.  If you as a customer should be contacted by a local authority to pay taxes or brokerage fees please contact us. We promise you that we’ll sort this out without any problems for you.
  • By US law, all orders shipped to the USA require an adult signature for delivery, with "Adult 21" being the only available option in the U.S.. UPS will execute this function upon delivery. We cannot waive this requirement; thank the US Congress.
  • As UPS can not deliver to Post Office boxes,  all shipping addresses must be to a physical location. 
  • All cans we ship carry the FDA-required warning labels in a random distribution. The labels cover the legally required surface areas.
  • As FDA apparently has no love for the US Military, we are no longer allowed to ship to APO or FPO addresses.  We're really sorry about that.  Stupid micro-managing, social experimenting Washington bureaucrats.....
  • Since we are located in and ship exclusively from Sweden, we are able to sell all brands of snus available in Sweden (such as skruf, Knox, Granit, Mocca and others) which do not violate trademark rights or the stupid US Cuban Trade Embargo.

Some things never change:

Our Swedish warehouse receives snus directly from the manufacturers on a daily basis. Since we ship directly from Sweden to our customers, you will receive the freshest snus possible with no delays. 

Our snus goes from the manufacturer to our warehouse to you.  The snus from eStores with US warehouses goes from the manufacturer to the store’s Swedish Warehouse to shipment to the US Warehouse for final shipment to you. That’s a lot of transit time in unrefrigerated trucks until you receive it.

Our Customer Service is consistently rated among the best since we first opened. We respect and appreciate your business and go over and above to earn your trust every single day. 

We know money is tight right now with the global recession. We offer you the lowest possible prices at all times.

Thank you for allowing us to serve your snus needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Best regards, and enjoy your snus!

Snus Legend and Manager
The Snus Shop at