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Röda Lacket Loose

Röda Lacket; Swedish for Red Seal, is one of the founding brands of Swedish snus and one of the first snus brand names used in the United States. Red Seal later changed into an American Moist Tobacco product but that story is for another time.
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 42Nicotine (%): 0.75
Available Since: 2003Shipping Weight (g): 60
Flavor Descr: Dried Fruits, Herbs, CedarFlavor Group: Fruity
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Humectants (E 422, E 1520), Salt, pH Adjuster (E 500), Flavors incl. Smoke Flavor

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Röda Lacket; Swedish for Red Seal, is one of the founding brands of Swedish snus and one of the first snus brand names used in the United States. Red Seal later changed into an American Moist Tobacco product but that story is for another time.

Roda Lacket Loose snus is a well rounded and slightly sweet snus with a gentle tobacco taste and hints of salt, liquorice and sweet, red berries. Take a pinch of history with Röda Lacket Loose snus!


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The softer, more red Prima

Having moved over to lös, I've mastered baking-pains, however, Röda separates itself from all (including Prima Fint) when it comes to moisture (wet clay) which is not only brilliantly bakeable but also provides the most excellent mouth-feel as it remains soft, gelatin, clustered together even after 1.5-2 hours.

Now the base profile is a mellow tobacco (more mellow than Prima Fint) accented with a slight smoke bolstering a dark tobacco character albeit a soft one with hints of red berry (which is also quite soft in presence) more with a fig sweetness and nominal light salt and even perhaps a slight bitter accent of licorice

Overall: a Prima balance, a superb elegance, the red and the blue go well together hand-in-hand like asking to pick a favorite child.

Best of the best.


    Well rounded

    I think the best description for this snus is well rounded. Very similar consistency to Prima fint, very mild tobacco, mild salt, and a subtle fruity sweetness. It certainly isn't packed with a lot of flavor but if you tend to lean toward the mild side it's excellent.


      Subtle, mild perfection.

      It's a mild(er) salty snus, with subtle sweetness of dried fruit notes (figs, dates, currants).

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      Outstanding smooth tabacco taste.

      Roda Lacket has become my favorite loose so far. The others I've tried are a bit too harsh or bitter. Roda Lacket has a very smooth full body tobacco taste; it's definitely not over powering like some. I don't taste the sweet or fruit so I guess they blend well with the tabacco removing the bitter or harshness taste I find in others. It's also very smooth to the lip and moist. I used Ettan until finding Roda Lacket.

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      lovely mild semi sweet (slightly fruity) and clean tobacco flavor - very fresh tobacco fragrance and taste (delicious)- Could be user error, but seems to be prone to epic mudsliding - Eventually it almost always disintegrates in my lip. I'm pretty sure I've already swallowed half the prillia before I'm finished with my snus session. No harm, no foul I guess. This is not a roll purchase for me, but some Roda will always be included in my orders.

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      The best

      I have been using snus for about a year and have always bought portion. I decided to try los snus and bought a roll of this. This is the snus that I have been looking for. The one that I absolutely love! It is a difficult taste to describe. It is a mild tobacco flavor. It seems like a muted Copenhagen to me. It is easy to hand bake and the flavor lasts a long time! I have finally found my snus!

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      Delicious, easy to bake

      Wow, this is just an amazing snus. Earthy, slightly fruity flavor. Not too salty, super easy to handbake, not too messy. Very glad I bought a roll of this.

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      Quite good

      This is a favorite. Probably the easiest snus to hand bake, and the resulting prilla stays together for hours without breaking apart. There is very little salt, mild tobacco flavor, and a background of dried figs. The nicotine is satisfying, and quickly delivered. It compliments my morning coffe, but I find it does not have a strong enough flavor profile to hold up to a strong stout or a neat whisky. Buy a roll of this.

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      This is the first loose I've had. I've thrown in three prillas today, and it was a lot easier to use than I thought it would be. It tastes really good too. I'd say if Christmas had a flavor roda lacket would be it. And it's very smooth and mellow, but the nicotine level is satisfying. This is a real winner, I think this will be my after dinner snus from now on. This needs to be bought by the roll.

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      My favorite for at home

      It's so tasty. Like, I can't endorse a los as a walking around snus, but for at home this is my absolute favorite to date. The licorice and red berry flavors sneak in, but not in an obnoxious way.

      Just delicious. If you want to try los, this should be the one you try.

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      Good Stuff

      I enjoy this snus. I do get the berry/dried fruit flavors which are quite nice. Overall, this is quite mild and tasty. Super easy to handbake, I find it to be a bit like a more flavorful prima fint. It does tend to get kind of gummy/runny, but that is just as likely poor technique on my part, as I'm new to snus and tend to mess around with my prilla while it's in my mouth.

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      My new go-to snus

      My orders are generally 1-2 cans of 8-9 different snuses, so I can constantly change up depending on what kind of flavor I want from my snus. This is the first snus that I didn't hesitate to buy a roll of in my most recent order.

      As other reviews have mentioned, there's a wonderful flavor of figs or plums, but what sealed the deal for me was the bold tobacco flavor reminiscent of a robust maduro cigar. Hands down my favorite snus, and I have tried over half of the snuses available here: I HIGHLY recommend anyone who has been on the fence about loose snuses to get a mortar syringe and try this one.

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      Best Los Snus, EVER!

      I been snusing for a little over a year now and tried many different portions and Los snus brands. However, this one stands 99% above the rest and is rivaled by Prima Fint for my favorite los. Ettan Los takes a close second followed by Odens No. 3 and Thunder Frosted Los.

      When you open the tin you will be greeted to a dark clay like substance with a slight glimmer of magic all over. The smell is great but the flavor is where this one stands out. The best way to describe it is a light, smokey tobacco with savory figs and herbs.

      Roda Lacket Los is top tier stuff and anyone new to using snus or Los should try this immediately!

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      Great snus

      This snus is awesome. In the loose version, the hints of fruit are definitely more subdued compared to the tobacco taste, however it is still there. The grind on this snus is something that makes it really nice as well. It is so finely ground that it form fits nicely against your gums and rounds to your cheek. I can see why it has lasted the test of time.

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      An herbal medly.

      Roda Lacket is by far the top notch snus for me. It has a slight mountain-top, woodsy feel along with a medley of herbs and berries after taste. An excellent experience all the way around.

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      love the unique taste

      this one just works for me I love the taste of the tobacco and then Fig taste that I get mixed together is just awesomeI would recommend it if you like loose


        This is my absolute go to Snus! the ease of making a pris and the smooth wonderful flavor hinted with berries makes it an easy choice when I reach for loose. This is always on hand and is the deciding factor when I am looking at Ettan, General and Roda in the fridge, I always reach for Roda if I cant decide what I am in the mood for.


          My number 1 go to los snus. The grind is kind of fine and almost feels silky on your tongue but will "mudslide" easier than coarser snus. For me the flavor is straight mild tobacco with some chocolate notes at times. I have never tasted licorice which is good because I hate licorice flavored snus. Just trust me and try it, you will love it. And as others have said, I hated the portions of this snus but the los is HEAVENLY!!!!!!


            I have been dipping since my teens and love the loose snus, I cannot stand portions because they are to dry and doesn'tgive the true flavor of the tobacco. And no it does not have a licorice flavor like some of the other brands like Knox. I would compare R.L. to the Etten brand loose, strait tobacco flavor and alot better than Copenhagen snuff which I have dipped for years also Swedish snus does not give me indegestion like American brands. If you havent tried loose I would highly recommend it, once you try it your eyes will be open to a whole new dipping experience.

            • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

            I'm not noticing the licorice flavor that some have mentioned, though I bought this one to try for just that promise. That aside, the chocolate and fruit flavor is very mild, perfectly done. This is a very solid snus that could easily end up being part of a regular rotation.


              As the last person said, the Roda Lacket Portions are not very good. They have a fruitiness that just doesn't belong in tobacco. RL Los is a different story altogether. Sweet tobacco with hints of fig. It is divine. Not to mention, this probably the easiest to bake los on the market. I could probably hand bake it if I didn't have an Icetool. I'm a big fan of tobacco flavored snus and I didn't expect much out of this given the way the portions underwhelmed me. I will definitely be getting more of this.


                I can't stand the RL portions, but I love this.

                A bit raisin-y-licorice-y, but the tobacco flavor comes right through! As Rick said, not much salt, but not virtually no salt like the portions.

                It even goes well with coffee. Not as well as Grov Lös in my opinion, but quite well.

                Extremely well-ground, very easy to hand-bake, and nice hit of nicotine. If you want to try lös for the first time, I recommend this or General.


                  What can I say, it's another Swedish Match winner. The first thing I noticed was that the tobacco flavor was very mild, nothing harsh or bitter. Light salt content, so those that don't like the salt would probably enjoy this. I don't get the same fruitty undertones in the lossnus that I do with roda lacket portions.

                  This would be a great "starter" lossnus for someone wanting to try los for the first time. This snus is finely ground, and would hand bake easily and works very well with the pris master or Icetool.

                  By far one of my favorite snus flavors.

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                  I dont beleive the description is accurate. This snus has a very mild tobacco flavor. The flavor of this one stays the same most of the time. I don't taste much licorice with this. It does have a sweetness to it which is hard to describe. A very good beginner loose. Easy to hand bake. If your looking for a loose thats easy to hand bake, and has a tobbacco flavor with some sweet undertones this is it. If you don;t like licorice I think you will still like it. I personally didn't taste it at all. Very similar to triumph original, just not as sweet.

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                    Röda Lacket Loose

                    Röda Lacket Loose

                    Röda Lacket; Swedish for Red Seal, is one of the founding brands of Swedish snus and one of the first snus brand names used in the United States. Red Seal later changed into an American Moist Tobacco product but that story is for another time.

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