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GAMMAL - Olde Ving Fudge

We know, there has never been a fudge snus and did the world need one? After trying Olde Ving Fudge portion, the answer is a resounding YES! Moe Unz himself has added this snus to his personal snus rotation.
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 18Nicotine (%): 0.9
Portions / Can: ~20Available Since: 2013
Portionsstorlek: RegularShipping Weight (g): 35
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Fudge
Ingredients: Tobacco, Water, Salt, Flavors, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 501)

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We know, there has never been a fudge snus and did the world need one? After trying Olde Ving Fudge portion snus, the answer is a resounding YES! Moe Unz himself has added this snus to his personal snus rotation as an occasional use snus.

Olde Ving Fudge portion snus is a value priced snus with chocolate notes reminding one of Ettan snus except the chocolate flavor is more pronounced and it lacks the subtlety of Ettan.  The chocolate and tobacco flavor blend well making this a snus treat worth giving serious consideration to.



Great Flavor, Awesome Price

While I recently reviewed this snus, I felt the need to update it. This is my number one snus now. I like it for the flavor, the nic hit, and most importantly, the price. I used this snus to break my Ettan addiction, since Ettan has gotten extremely expensive. Now Olde Ving Fudge is my go to all day, chain hit snus, like Ettan used to be. Has a fudge/coconut flavor that is hard to define, but definitely a great tasting snus.


    Tastes change

    I tried this one years ago and wasn't impressed. Now, several ears later, I tried it again and I am in love with it. It has that pipe tobacco taste that reminds me of my childhood, of an uncle who smoked a pipe, and it tastes like I remember that smell. It also has a chocolate/fudge thing going on. I don't really taste much else beyond the fudge and the sharp tobacco flavor, but I like it, it is my first snus of the morning with my coffee. Great snus, gonna buy it by the roll from now on.

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    Really Bad

    Tried a few portions and had to toss the rest out. Not sure what this taste like.


      Changed it, now it is horrible

      This used to be my favorite. Had a nice coconut and fudge flavor. Pouch was nice and plump. It was just on sale so bought a bunch and let's just say, it is not good! It doesn't really taste like anything. It tastes a little like Ettan, but no coconut flavor, no fudge. It just doesn't taste like anything anymore. It's terrible.

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      Very well balanced. Coconut is more apparent than fudge. Normal nic hit...Excellent every day snus. Wish they sold locally in the U.S.

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      Olde Ving Fudge A+++

      Please never run out of this.
      It’s been 6months and still in my favorite top 3 rotation.
      End of the day celebratory snus that also packs a good punch.

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      Nice Change of Pace

      I'm not a huge fan of dessert or overly sweet snus, but tried this just for fun.

      As others have said, I get some chocolate and coconut, rather than a true buttery fudge flavour.

      The flavours work well, but are short lived and I found myself moving the portion around quite a bit to get a flavour hit.

      The tobacco compliments the sweet (but not sickly) flavour, so this would be a great snus to pair with a coffee/tea with milk and sugar.

      Overall, a decent snus - while this would never be a regular in my rotation, I would definitely throw a can into an order for a change of pace.

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      The aroma when opening a can is very fudgelike and sweet scented. In direct contact with the tongue I mostly taste a slightly bitter tobacco, and after leaving my tongue (sliding it under my lip) i get a very pleasant fudge/coconut flavor that is not overly sweet but quite delicious. Letting it drip from the upper lip, I get mild tobacco bitterness, followed by hints of baker's chocolate and coconut. I think this would go great with coffee, and may become my daily driver. Ordered 2 cans to try, will be ordering at least 1 roll when I run out of my current stock.

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      my favorite

      I'm new to snus but so far this is the best tasting snus I've tried, but I also really like chocolate. Don't taste any coconut like the others more of a bold fudge flavor. Portions are really most and the nic isnt knock you ob your but strong, mellow nic. Probably gonna be on the permanent rotation.

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      Great Value Snus

      Great snus for the budget tobacco lover. Comforting chocolate and coconut flavor, great for a morning coffee snus. Heavy drip but it is pleasant. Only complaint is the large portion size.

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      Coconut more than fudge taste

      I like this snus. However, I don't get much of a "fudge" taste; rather it tastes like coconut to me!

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      Great stuff.

      Quality tobacco and portions one expects from GN tobacco (the makers of this fermented snus). They are well filled and very soft. On opening the can you are greater with a coconut/fudge type flavor that is great.

      Medium nicotine, not too strong by any means and a fair price. Throw a can on your order. It's like Ettan portions weird half brother.

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      Great product!

      I regularly use Oden's Vanilla, and decided to take a chance on Fudge. I love it! It takes the vanilla flavor a step further and adds a subtle chocolate that makes it a rich blend.

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      Too strong

      This was way too strong for me in flavor and I didn't like it at all.

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      This was a very different flavor for me and unlike any other. When I opened the first can, I didn't smell the coconut that others had mentioned. However, taste-wise, it definitely tastes like an Almond Joy more than typical fudge - I can for sure taste the coconut. Still, it is very good and will for sure order it again!!

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      Interesting snus

      Interesting is the best way to describe this snus. First off, the "fudge" flavor works. Its definately weird, different, or maybe even alien, at least to me.
      Big flavors here are smoke and roasted chocolate. Reminds me of nice porter or stout beer, which is roasted malt heavy. So the smokey chocolate flavor pairs well with the robust tobacco flavor of this snus. Also the flavors themselves don't overpower the flavor of the tobacco which to me earned this snus its 4 stars. Well-balanced to me.

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      good but I wouldn't call it fudge.

      It tastes more like coffee then fudge. The flavor is weak and fades quickly but it's pleasant while it lasts. It's not my everyday go to snus but it's nice once in a while.

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      The Pleasant Surprise of the Snus Century

      Preamble: While purists may raise their nose at a "Fudge" flavored Snus, Olde Ving Fudge may be the biggest steal when it comes to any suns of any kind. (If you like chocolate, of course)

      Can Design: Rich rustic colors of Brown and Golden Yellow that scream Viking to me. The catch lid is hinged, which exposes a small hole at least in my can. I don't know if this will affect overall freshness over time, but it's a novel design, even if it isn't the most premium feeling can.

      Aroma: A rich sweet chocolate and tobacco. It honestly smells like Fudge the more I smell it. This caused minor concern I was in for a cloying sweet "chemchocolate" flavor, but this proved to not the the case.

      Portion consistency: Middle of the road in terms of moisture. When I first opened the can they struck me as a little dry, but upon closer inspection, they have adequate moisture for a good snus experience. They're pressed pretty flat in the can, but fluff fine. Still a little light in the overall tobacco category to my sensibilities, but nothing to complain about.

      Flavor: While the smell had distinct sweetness to it, the suns itself does not. In fact, it put me in mind of almost a baker's chocolate. As time goes on you definitely start to discern some "fudgey" qualities to the flavor profile. There's also some coffee notes, but all of this plays in the background. The star of the show is no doubt the classic tobacco, with distinct a salty character. There's a very very very faint bitterness in the aftertaste, but it's not the least bit unpleasant. In terms of drip, this portion seems to behave itself on the whole. It's comfortable in the lip, and gives off it's flavor steadily for a good amount of time.

      Final Verdict: To my sensibilities, this is a wonderful Snus that has found itself comfortably in my rotation. It's a nice change up from the Ettans and Generals of the world and offers a pleasant experience for any snuser who can get past their fear of a fudge "flavored" snus.

      9.5 out of 10 Stars

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      Just received my shipment and proceeded to open a tin and try it. I would say the flavor is more like like coffee with a light dark chocolate flavor. Not a hint of sweetness. Very interesting taste.

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      I received a tin of this snus in a "Bag O' Snus." I say that because this is not something I would have ever ordered on its own. The idea of a fudge flavored snus just seems weird but boy am I glad I got a tin!

      The flavor isn't so much fudge as it is a delicious creamy coffee with a hint of caramel. This would be a great portion to put in after a nice dessert. It's very mellow and enjoyable. I think next time I'll order a roll.

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      I tend to bounce around in flavours when it comes to extra strong snus and I cant stand the flavoured ones, but for my milder ones, Ving fudge has become my go to when I dont want anything extra strong and I always seem to have a can open. The flavour is not overly strong, sweet or chocolaty like you would expect, tho it is sweet in its own way. Probably for me I would call it buttery sweet.. hard to describe.. but if you like european sweets that are not that sweet.. give this one a go

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      My only regret is that I didn't order more, and tried this first thing when my order got here. Now I have to snus my way through an entire order before I can have more. Chocolatey, almost fudge, and just very good overall. This stuff is really really really good. Thankyou for recomending this mo.

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      Despite the fact that people mentioned this does not have a very strong fudge flavor I picked one up hoping it would (I like flavored snus) Well, they were right, if you want a nice fudge flavor this is not the snus for you. It's in there as a bit of an after taste but you really have to look for it if you know what I mean.That being said it's not bad at all. It has a bit of a burn to it, kind of like thunder products, but not too bad. The tobacco flavor is fine, a little salty but it fits well and I probably would have gave it a higher rating if it was just a bit "fudgier" since well, it is marketed as fudge snus (if that makes sense) Overall decent, I'll probably pick up one tin per order just for something different now and then. Went rather well with my morning coffee :) I recomend trying it but listen to the reviews, it is NOT a strong fudge taste at all and just has slight hints of a fudge taste to it.

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      I've always used Ettan regular portion as my everyday snus and have never taken a liking to any flavored snus. However when I read MOE recommended this I had to give it a try and I was pleasantly suprised. This is not sweet in anyway, has little to no drip, and a nic hit comparable to any 9-10mg per portion snus I've tried. I would compare the flavor to a fine Chocolate stout beer...very mild hint of chocolate. These mild taste qualities and medium nicotine content make this a fantastic anytime anywhere everyday snus.

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      This is a decent snus. Nothing spectacular, but pretty enjoyable. Don't expect this to taste like a chocolate bar or a fudge brownie (or anything chocolaty and sweet).

      I've heard people compare it to an almond joy... and I can sort of see how it might be compared to that. The fudge flavor is more like a dark chocolate and the coconut flavor is very mild.

      Overall, not a bad snus. If I could give it a 3.5 I would.

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      This is really good. Oddly enough, the fudge flavor that Oden's uses melds really well with tobacco creating a taste that takes both to new level of awesome. I was hesitant on ordering this one because I typically don't care much for fudge flavored anything, much less a tobacco product. However, normally, only Swedish Match could work out this kind of flavor with this level of success. Yes, it is that good.

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      GAMMAL - Olde Ving Fudge

      GAMMAL - Olde Ving Fudge

      We know, there has never been a fudge snus and did the world need one? After trying Olde Ving Fudge portion, the answer is a resounding YES! Moe Unz himself has added this snus to his personal snus rotation.

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