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Offroad Snubie Brandy Alexander Portion Snus

Offroad Snubie Brandy Alexander Portion snus is the culmination of a dream by snus reviewer and now-designer Chad 'Snubie' Jones.  This latest Brandy Alexander offering by V2 is unlike any previous as all aspects of the flavor, moisture, nicotine; even snus per pouch, were set by Snubie.  A very exciting new snus release to say the least!
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10 Cans

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Tobacco weight (g): 19.8Portions / Can: 22
Available Since: 2017Portionsstorlek: Regular
Shipping Weight (g): 37Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Brandy Alexander
Ingredients: Tobacco, Water, Flavors, pH Adjuster (E500), Salt, Humectants (E1520, E422), Potassium Sorbate (E202)

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The story of Offroad Snubie Brandy Alexander Portion Snus begins back with the 2008 Offroad Limited Edition offering.  Among the 5 flavors included, Brandy Alexander was one of them.

A year later, V2 released a Limited Edition Loose snus edition under the now defunct Nordströmmen brand.  A Brandy Alexander flavor was among those released.

Chad won a bet with V2 that he could get them to 500 likes on their new Facebook page and so in 2012 Nordströmmen Brandy Alexander Lös snus returned!  As a Special Edition, it was a success but was only scheduled for a limited amount of time.

In 2013, V2 launched Thunder Ultra Strong Brandy Alexander Portion Snus as part of the high nicotine Thunder Ultra launch.  While popular, it did not ultimately make the cut when the final Ultra Strong products were finalized.

And that was the end of Brandy Alexander.....NOT!  Chad was shopping for a snus manufacturer to brand a product for Snubie.  V2 agreed as they enjoy this sort of thing.  (Thunder Coffee Supreme was a collaboration between V2 and Moe Unz.  It did not go well but that is a story for another time except to say it was NOT Moe's fault)

Snubie Brandy Alexander was not going to be the same old Brandy Alexander with Snubie branding, though.  Chad designed this snus from the bottom up covering everything from nicotine level (regular to avoid bitterness), number of portions per can (22; he didn't want them squished), amount of snus per pouch (0.9 grams), and the details of the flavoring itself (state secret).

Finally on December 4th, 2017, Offroad Snubie Brandy Alexander portion snus appeared for pre-general release sale at the legendary Snus eShop!  It will enjoy a two week exclusive preview thanks to both SnusCentral's famous reputation and Moe's ability to beat Marc Vogel at Beer Pong.

If you enjoy flavored snuses and (Moe's favorite) alcoholic beverage-based snuses, you must give this snus a try while you can.  If sales are strong enough during the first 4-6 months, Offroad Snubie Brandy Alexander Portion Snus will join the official Offroad brand products. 



Smells like Chocolate & Nutmeg

Am a Chain Snuser buying the extra sterk stuff. This is a great clean Snus with no ammonia or fish smell at all. It has no drip for me. Really like it a lot. Smells like a mix of Chocolate & Nutmeg. Would go great with coffee, alcohol or solo.


    Brandy Alexander

    Disclaimer: I am a fan of!

    The taste to me really reminds me of a Brandy Alexander drink. If you like that drink then you will like this Snus. However, I do not often order or make those drinks. This to me is a dessert snus and one I would enjoy as a dessert at the end of my day. Definitely glad I tried it and I am happy to support!


      Interesting and quite creamy

      The initial first 30 minutes are pure creamy cacoa with a hint of brandy/cognac. Quite pleasant and rather sweet. Then as it develops I get some slight bitterness as the tobacco attempts to take over. Once the salty notes kick in then it becomes absolutely wonderful. Not something for all of the time but great for special occasions or a nice change. Overall recommend you try this one and judge for yourself.


        Much better than expected

        I bought this because i am a fan of chad from I really did not expect much because i am not big on chocolate flavored anything. When you first open the can, the smell is intense chocolate along with another smell i cant quite place. Again i thought, theres no way i am going to like this but im glad i got the can. However, after trying a few i realized that i really enjoyed the flavors of this snus and i ended wishing i had bought more than one can. Its probably the only chocolate flavored anything that i like. And the other background flavors really just bring it all together to create a really enjoyable snus. The portions are very comfortable which was another concern because i usually find offroad portion material to be a bit papery and rough. All together a great snus and will order again. If you like flavored snus and want to try something different from anything else out there, then try this.

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        Too Sweet

        This snus was VERY sweet and had a lot of drip. Not very pleasant for me. I prefer more organic snus flavors.

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        Need a strong version

        When V2 discontinued Thunder Xtra Strong Portion Brandy Alexander, I became a smoker again. This brought the flavor of my beloved Thunder Xtra BA back, but the nic content is not enough for me. If it were stronger, I would give it 5 stars.

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        The truth

        I bought this mainly to support snubie. As some one that tends to like my snus on the sweeter side this one is not over done. It is not super sweet I think the brandy tames that a bit. I find it to be a nice change from sweeter snus out there. I have read some reviews comparing it to American dip in regards to sweetness as someone who dips now and again this is not a fair comparison. American dip is way sweeter this is not even as sweet as most snus on the market. If your looking for something to add to your rotation that is flavorful but not overly sweet this is a winner. Chocolate is only a touch of sweetness and the brandy flavor is not sweet at all. I was hoping the cream would come through more but it is really way in the background for me. All and all I'm not disappointed but it is not an all day snus for me. Like it with a coffee in the morning or a whiskey at night. Hope this helps.

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        Awesome snus

        THis is a great snus as a great from the norm, i really hope they keep this around, its bad enough roda lacket had to go away.. 5 Stars all day!!

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        Way too sweet.

        I wanted to like this but the chocolate taste is vastly overdone. It reminds me more of a sugary American dip than snus. The flavor could be good if toned down. It just comes across as very artificial.

        The flavor does last, however, and there’s a good drip. Some will like it but it’s just not my cup of tea.

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        Maybe if you enjoy furniture polish and brandy, with a hint of Windex. Wish I'd bought one can, instead of half a roll; they all went in the trash.

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        Great product, but some constructive criticism

        This is the review I intended to post (as opposed to the "review" below):

        Ok...If you are a snus enthusiast, you owe it to yourself to try this product. The flavor is rich, unique, long-lasting: chocolate + cream + brandy (in that order). There is, so far as I know, nothing like it in the market.

        Now, a few comments: (i) the can is overall quite elegant, but the snubie "smiley face" logo is incongruous and detracts from the overall "clean" and "adult" look and (ii) the nicotine level is a bit low (8 mg/g). Regarding the latter, I know Chad indicated he wanted the focus to be on the flavor and not the nicotine, but the market has moved regarding nicotine content, and even small-batch, flavor-oriented producers like Jakobssens are in the 10-12 mg/g (and up) range, with no apparent loss in flavor or bitterness. I think "fixing" these two issues, particularly nicotine, would increase the appeal of this product, which deserves a wide audience.

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        Good flavor, but too dry

        It’s a good flavor snus, but why is it so dry? Not super easy in the lip. I prefer original portions with more moisture. Everything is great except the moisture content.

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        Awsome with a cup of coffee . Best after dinner snus so far.

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        I like Chad himself a lot and learn almost everything I know about snus from him, so I thought a snus designed by the man himself would be amazing. God, how wrong was I.

        It's the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted. I had to throw it, since it smells putrid once you open the box.

        The taste is... I can't find a word to describe how aweful it is. I still wanted to like it and gave it 2 more chances but no, it's not for me.

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        Great flavor

        A great interesting flavor. That easily hangs around for 2 hours

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        The worst.

        Like sucking on a poorly made air freshener. What in gods name were you thinking? This is an abomination. I want my money back. Then I wanna burn the money and mail the ashes back.

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        Great Change of Pace

        I am a big fan of alcohol flavoured snus and this one didn't disappoint.

        On opening the can, I get a strong brandy scent with notes of creamy coco/chocolate.

        The taste follows the scent, with the tobacco flavour complimenting the brandy and creamy coco. There is a very slight sweetness, but less so than many of the whiskey flavoured products I have tried.

        This is definitely a very strongly flavoured snus, so likely not an all-day use product for most. I enjoyed this most as an afternoon or evening snus with coffee or tea and found the flavour too rich for me when used in the morning.

        For folks who like alcohol-flavoured snus, this is a must try. The flavour lasts a long time, which makes this especially enjoyable.

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        Man I could smell it through the can and knew I would love it! Popped one in and fell in love! I pray people order this and love it so it will stay with off road.

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        Seems Nicotine is Strong

        Good flavor.
        Rather knocks one back.
        (I have to take a break initially.)

        Can Snus Central please add the Nicotine content to its description?
        5*, for now.

        • 4 out of 5 people found this review useful.

        Truly Amazing

        This snus is incredibly good, due to the intense (but not strong) smell I was hesitant and expecting it to be overwhelming, yet it was nothing but a complex and really enjoyable snus.
        its flavor lasts for quite a long given its an Original portion.

        I regret not getting more than a couple cans, its something I'd definitely come back for.

        • 7 out of 8 people found this review useful.

        The nectar of the gods

        If there was ever a product that was handcrafted by the gods themselves and handed down to us mortals, this is it. This snus is life changing. Before I tried this, I didn't know who I was in life. Now, I feel like I have purpose and direction. Brandy Alexander made me the man I am today.

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        Offroad Snubie Brandy Alexander Portion Snus

        Offroad Snubie Brandy Alexander Portion Snus

        Offroad Snubie Brandy Alexander Portion snus is the culmination of a dream by snus reviewer and now-designer Chad 'Snubie' Jones.  This latest Brandy Alexander offering by V2 is unlike any previous as all aspects of the flavor, moisture, nicotine; even snus per pouch, were set by Snubie.  A very exciting new snus release to say the least!

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