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Oden's Original Portion Snus

Odens Original Portion Snus is value-priced traditional tasting Swedish Snus. It is made of high quality tobacco and has a regular nicotine content.  Buy this snus fresh at SnusCentral.com!

1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 18Nicotine (%): 0.9
Portions / Can: ~20Available Since: 2009
Portionsstorlek: RegularShipping Weight (g): 35
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Bergamot, Herbs
Ingredients: Tobacco, Water, Salt, Flavors, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 501)

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Odens Original Portion Snus is traditional tasting Swedish Snus at a lower than traditional price!. Sold fresh and shipped fact at the legendary SnusCentral.com Snus eShop!



Excellent Snus

The portions are 0.9g, I believe, but they feel like 1g, and they're fluffy and soft. Somewhere between general original and white portions in terms of moisture. The flavor does have quite a strong dose of citrus, which comes across as lemon to me. Nice bit of pepper spice. Very robust and fresh tasting. Nicotine level seems like a standard regular strength. The can looks nice, too.

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Bergamot overload

Received this in a snus sampler.

This stuff, or at least the one can I received, has way too much bergamot/citrus flavor presence to be an everyday snus for me. The bergamot is so forward, it seems like it should be labeled as a citrus snus instead of an original flavor.

I've used 6 or 7 portions so far and I may or may not finish the can. I don't think I'll ever order this flavor, though I could see someone liking this as an occasional change of pace. Just too "citrusy" for me.


    Pleasant surprise!

    I just got back into snus for the first time in three years. Back then, Odens Extreme Lös was one of my favorite flavor wise, but the nicotine was just to over the top for me, forcing me to bake pea sized prillas and pop them out after twenty or thirty minutes. With the Extreme Lös, I never got any bergamot, or citrus of any kind. Just a strong tobacco flavor with LOTS of pepper. I don't mean the kind of pepper associated with strong tobacco (though that was there too), but something actually akin to Jalepeño.

    Coming back to snus this year, I'm getting more into portions than lös, and when I saw Odens had an "original" portion, I was hoping to get that same Jalepeño tobacco, with a more tolerable nicotine level. Without reading the description, I threw a log on my last order. When I got it and pooped one in, I tasted bergamont and thought "Oh, this is a traditional. Not what I expected at all. I can already get General Original by be. I wish I had ordered something else." Flash forward a week, and I've fallen in love with it. Yes, there is bergamot, but it's a "cleaner" bergamot to me than what I get with General, with something like a mild Meyer Lemon aftertaste as you get about twenty minutes in. And the pepper I was after? It's there, just not as intensely as I was expecting. Nicotine content is average, but somehow feels more satisfying to me than most at this level.

    All in all, I will be bold here and classify Odens Original portions, too my taste, as a richer, cleaner, and significantly cheaper alternative to Generals Original Portions. Four stars given because more of that Jalepeño would go surprisingly well with everything else going on here.

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    One of the best on the market. This snus has so much flavor it is insane. I see people saying its good for its price. I would rather say the price is too low for that kind of snus. Just perfect.

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    Good alternative

    Do I taste rose oil in there? There's something different about this snus that makes it a good alternative (& value) to the other traditional/original brands. It is a bit on the dry side for portion but I like it.

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    I like this original flavor variety.What i like most beside the good nic hit, is the fact it's not harsh & salty.A pure light leathery tobacco taste. My go to original flavor so far.

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    I've already went through 2 rolls of this stuff , I love it not as good as General original
    But for the price you must try this

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    Oden's Original Portion is, to my palate, very unique. It is a straight up tobacco flavor with a peppery taste, especially when you first put it in. Very different than my standard Grov or even General Black. Good flavor, moderate drip and decent nicotine hit. I did some research and found that GN (the producers of this snus) use heat versus steam pasteurization. I am not sure if that gives this snus the unique flavor and robust initial hit or not. This is a very usable snus, especially given the price. I will likely keep this in my fridge all the time, but it will not replace Grov or Ettan as my "everyday/go to" snus. Gets a 4 out of 5 stars.

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    Nit over salty. Not bad not going to be a everyday one for me. Smooth tobacco taste not noticng no drip been in 30 minutes. Doesn't burn my gums, I can see myself getting this on occasion for a change up of normal line up.


      Ouestion: I have been using Oden's Original Strong but it is not available. Extra strong is not to my taste. Is Original more similar to strong or extra strong? Any comments appreciated!


        Surprisingly good. Similar flavor to the strong version, just less drip and nicotine, and a smoother overall flavor. Medium pure tobacco flavor with little else except salt. Predictable nicotine delivery. Never gets bitter, even if you leave it in 2 hours. Only slightly stronger than regular snus at 9mg (like Taboca) but enough that I don't find myself subconsciously fiddling with it to get more out of it. I switch from extra strong to regular, and this never leaves me feeling deprived. Should be priced higher, and could easily be an every day, all day snus. Was on sale so I bought a couple of rolls and have no regrets.


          Very good snus,,sometimes you just want a good ole tobacco flavor and this is a good one.like the extreme version too.good snus


            Thank you so much for getting this SnusCentral. I love the flavor of Oden's Extreme Portions and los, but I just can't use them a lot. So enter Oden's Original, one of the best tasting original portions on the market. The flavor is similar to Extreme, but definitely a little different. I would wholeheartedly recommend this to fans of traditional snus flavors and fans of Oden's Extreme.

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            Oden's Original Portion Snus

            Oden's Original Portion Snus

            Odens Original Portion Snus is value-priced traditional tasting Swedish Snus. It is made of high quality tobacco and has a regular nicotine content.  Buy this snus fresh at SnusCentral.com!

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