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Thunder Extra Strong Frosted

One of the most popular flavored extra strong snuses today, Thunder Frosted Extra Strong Portion Snus has a very smooth, long lasting spearmint/tobacco taste and is an extra strong / ekstra sterk / extra stark / snus with 16 mg/g nicotine.
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 19.8Nicotine (%): 1.6
Portions / Can: 22Available Since: 2009
Pouch Size: NormalShipping Weight (g): 36
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, SpearmintFlavor Group: Fresh
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Humectants (E 422, E 1520), Salt, pH Adjuster (E 500), Flavors incl. Smoke Flavor

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One of the most popular mint flavored extra strong snuses today, Thunder Frosted Extra Strong Portion Snus has a very smooth, long lasting spearmint/tobacco taste and is an extra strong / ekstra sterk / extra stark / snus with 16 mg/g nicotine.

Thunder Snus is made using V2 Tobacco's legendary Swedish recipe but is a huge departure for V2. If you've tried Phantom snus or OffRoad snus, Thunder Snus will be a completely new taste experience!



Not good

I've been an every day thunder guy for a few years, But this is the first order I've ever opened a can, and threw it away thinking it was bad since I've ordered from here, I opened another can thinking it was just that can and it was just as gross. I don't know what's changed but if that's what it's changed to I've gotta find another brand. It tastes like stale musty salt.


    I hate you Thunder, thank you Thunder

    For years my order of Thunder was Thunder frosted loose as 50% of whatever I get shipped here. They took that away from me.. my favorite ever. So now I got pouches cause I can't stomach the other loose snus (I've tried them all!) As far as pouches go this is minty (positive) but not sweet. Almost like mint tea without sugar. Enjoyable but clearly not candy. If you are going to snus everyday you can't stand the sweet stuff for too long.

    And the nicotine hit is perfect. I'm in the habit of using this before bed so I don't get much sleep. It's a much better midday snus for sure, but I have to save the best for last.


      Harsh drip

      Since Swedish Match bought V2 the Frosted pouches seem to have a very harsh drip. Taste is the same drip is hard on your stomach.

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      Not quite right

      I really wanted to like this. It's cheap, strong, and mint flavored. Unfortunately I just didn't like it. The mint flavor is alright, but I get a very unpleasant stale salty flavor that lies underneath the mint. It just did not sit right with me personally. I would not say that this is a 100% snus, you're gonna want to try this one out before you buy a roll. Two stars because it hits hard, and will absolutely get you your fix.

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      Fresh Mint

      It’s not the sweet mint us Americans are use to, but instead it’s a very fresh mint taste. Very cool and very refreshing. I will definitely try this again.

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      Not a fan

      I don't care much for this snus. I like the fact that it is a strong mint snus but I can't get over the flavor. The spearmint is nice in the way that it isn't sweet like a lot of other mint snus products, but the drip.. Not sure if I got a bunk can or if it's normal but it was by far the worst drip from any snus I've ever used. Within 15-20 minutes I had a bitter, almost dirt-like drip that would not stop.

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      Figured I'd try snuscentral's #1 seller.. I can see this one being a go-to for a lot of people: tasty, strong, and affordable. Even for this nicotine connoisseur it's a bit too hardcore. I've just been using one in the morning when I wake up to slam my eyes open, but other than that it's too strong and too drippy. Will order a can now and then, but will stick w/ General Large White Mint as I prefer the flavor a bit more and it's not as drippy.

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      This snus is amazing! I used to snus General Mint regularly but this Thunder Frosted is worlds better than that!

      It tastes almost exactly like Wrigley's spearmint chewing gum. Wow. I just can't tell you how much I like this stuff. It also packs a very decent nicotine hit and seems to last for a long, long time. I don't leave home without a tin in my pocket!

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      This is my first snus every morning with a cup of coffee. Love the flavor and the kick!

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      Really like this product! Great flavor that is pretty long lasting. No drip and good nicotine hit. As I mentioned in my other reviews, I am more of a fan of the straight tobacco flavors such as Grov Sterk and General Sterk, but I like to carry two cans minimum with me during the day to mix it up a bit. I really like the General mint, but the nicotine is a bit low for me during the day. Enter Thunder Frosted! Really enjoy this product and, to be honest, you absolutely cannot beat the value at under $3.00 per can. The only reason I do not give this a five star rating is because I prefer unflavored tobacco. However, given the great quality and price, this is one of my favorite flavored products. Well done!

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      Best Snus EVER! I have a couple of favorites that I switch around, but this one is my absolute favorite. It has just the right kick, a perfect flavor, and a hint of "zing" since I am used to Wintergreen (Skoal Long Cut).


        I quit smoking with this snus in 2010...tried others but I can't find one that is even close to my love for this! Thunder Wintergreen is my 2nd choice.

        Unless Moe, starts sending samples in the future, I will only order Frosted and Wintergreen for the rest of my snusing days.

        Bravo V2 !!!!!

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        Best Snus I have ever tried, I recommend this to anyone whos still new and has tried some pretty awful blends. Please give it a crack!
        Btw if you live in australia, buy max 5 cans per order to insure not paying $8 tax per can.

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        Very good snus,though im not a fan of spearmint.this stuff kicks like a mule.just wish it had more of a peppermint taste,none the less,very good snus.


          This was the first swedish snus i used. Never looked back and always get at least one can with every order. Nicotine hit is perfect and the mint flavor isn't overpowering like the american brands. My friends made fun of me for switching from grizzly chew to snus until I had them try this. Only problem with the cans is sometimes they will be pretty moist when first opened. I've had a few cans i let sit out opened for a bit to dry them up a little.


            I first tried Camel snus after a coworker mentioned it and I actually enjoyed it. Once I found REAL snus, in particular this one, man was I blown away. I loved the flavor and the kick it had. While the kick is gone (I've grown a tolerance), I still love the flavor and the nostalgia of this one being my first. It is well worth a try but if you are new to snus or tobacco period, I would advise against using this on the go; you'll be extremely light headed. It is great for a morning kick, though.


              I seldom use now, but it was my "starter" snus when I quit smoking, and it worked wonders. Nicotine kicks like a mule, moderate tobacco flavors and a reasonably tasty frosted mint flavor. If you like cool mint + STRONG nicotine, or need something to satisfy more than a Marlboro red, it is certainly worth a try. Note that the Thunder products are very inconsistent, so some cans are wetter/drier, more portions, fewer, bigger, smaller, etc.


                General mint is my regular but i wanted to try a new mint and stronger snus. Local stores don't carry Thunder so i ordered 20 cans as a personal Christmas gift. I must say i am VERY PLEASED. Not as sweet as General mint but a great alternative with a milder mint taste and noticable nicotine increase; plus it was not a white portion which I have only used. It did take a can or two to become used to a different mint flavor but I will order more Thunder and General both. I think they compliment each other well for different uses during the day like after meals (General "more minty") or while drinking coffee in the morning (Thunder "stronger kick") I may try the Thunder frosted+long slimmer pouchs for snusing at work. Sorry for the long comment. 5*s


                  Let me first say that this is a great tasting and strong Snus. My issue however is with the pouches themselves, upon opening my first can I was dismayed to find over half of the pouches broken with the snus all over the insode of the can. Most of the cans I opened were like that, which turned me off from this particular brand. That said both snuscentral and v2 were quick to respond to my complaints and sent me replacement cans (well still waiting on the ones from v2...).


                    My first shipment was delivered while I was traveling, so I had a nice surprise when I got home. I had ordered a variety of flavors to try and just opened a can of Frost this morning.

                    I love the way it smells, without the overpowering candy scent of the General Mint. I'll be ordering another 10 cans of this today.


                      Great long lasting mint or something close to it flavor and a big nic hit. Not for beginners, you've been warned! Highly recommend it to american snuffflavored users trying to get off snuff and on to something much safer.


                        this snus is great way better than american snus i been using for almost 2 years and this has the kick i want ive been using grizzly pouches and camel snus and copenhagen pouches and skoal pouches so never again ill use american stuff ill order here


                          OH MY. I should have listened to the second review. :) As a new-to-snus (and, honestly, new-to-tobacco altogether) user, I paid more attention to the 'frosted' in the name than to the 'extra strong.' I liked General Mini Mint, and Wintergreen, which were the only two flavored snus I could purchase locally, so I got a whole assortment of different ones to try...

                          I literally had this in my lip for 45 seconds before I decided the taste was too strong for me and spit it out (it has a little bit of that 'feel-it-in-your-throat' thing that I get from having other snus in for too long). That's not really the issue, however, and thankfully that DID happen or I might have passed out from all the nicotine! :) A few seconds after taking out the portion, I was hit with a serious head rush, which 20 minutes later is just tapering off.

                          Beware, new users, this is not for us. :)


                            This is one of my favorite. I will sometimes forget I have it in my mouth and 2 hours later I'll get hit of the minty flavor. The level of nicotine is great and last for a good amount of time. Not too strong and not too sweet.


                              My favorite snus of them all. I love the minty flavor it gives and it's not a overly sweet taste but more of a natural mint flavor with a hint of sweetness that last a very long time. It also has a kick of nicotine that I love . It's a great morning snus to start your day and it doesn't burn like I though it would. It also leaves your breath feeling so fresh like you popped in a Mentos.

                              For beginners I recommend thunder frosted mini as it has 8mg of nicotine and is a mini for discretion. For long time heavy smokers or veterans who use heavy snus and dip I highly recommend this to start as its the best thing going.


                                I've used my fair share of snus and I keep coming back to V2's Thunder Frosted. Best, longest lasting taste I've found yet, with an excellent nicotine hit.

                                Beware if you're a light smoker, or light dipper... The nicotine in this puppy is not to be underestimated. You will feel it fast and hard within just a couple minutes. Heavy dippers, chain smokers, V2 has presented us with heaven in a portion.


                                  From an American former dipper, this is the best stuff I've tried. Great nic hit, good flavor, and it's not too sweet like the Camel snus. Good choice of snus.


                                    Great snus! Long lasting flavor, a nice hit of nicotine. Very very good flavor and aroma. This will always be in my fridge. The pouches are also very comfortable, I can keep a pouch in for 90 minutes with no troubles. The flavor still comes the entire time. I strongly suggest trying this snus!


                                      This is a great snus. It is a little more sugary than other Swedish Snuses I've tried but it's a good, controlled sweetness, nothing to dislike about it. It has a very nice subtle dark minty flavor and of course has the extra boost of nicotine. This is a very long lasting snus as well. I will definitely be ordering this one along with General Onyx everytime.

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                                        Thunder Extra Strong Frosted

                                        Thunder Extra Strong Frosted

                                        One of the most popular flavored extra strong snuses today, Thunder Frosted Extra Strong Portion Snus has a very smooth, long lasting spearmint/tobacco taste and is an extra strong / ekstra sterk / extra stark / snus with 16 mg/g nicotine.

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                                        is not a safe alternative for cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco is addictive.

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