The G.4 All White Nicotine Pouch brand was created by Swedish Match as another exclusively nicotine pouch brand.  They took the most popular flavors from their G.3 traditional snus line-up and converted them to tobacco free products.

Consumers became confused especially after ZYN nicotine pouches were launched as over-the-counter products in the US and Switzerland.

Swedish Match decided to move the G.4 nicotine pouch flavor recipes into their VOLT All White brand.  At this point, even I, Moe Unz had no idea what was going on!

Later in 2023, they decided to retire the G.4 brand only coming back to say “Wait, Moe Unz!  We are going to keep G.4 around for a while longer although there are currently no products available.”

At this point, I decided to go out to the pub and start drinking lots of whisky.

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