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Thunder Extra Strong Frosted Loose

Thunder Frosted Extra Strong Loose snus is the long-awaited sequel to Thunder Frosted Portion. Same great taste in a more intense lös form. Also the same 16mg/gram of nicotine so don't pack your cheeks with this one! Enjoy!

1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 37Nicotine (%): 1.6
Available Since: 2009Shipping Weight (g): 53
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Spearmint
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Humectants (E 422, E 1520), Salt, pH Adjuster (E 500), Flavors incl. Smoke Flavor

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Thunder Frosted Extra Strong Loose snus is the long-awaited sequel to Thunder Frosted Extra Strong Portion. Same great taste in a more intense lös form. Also the same extra high nicotine content so don't pack your cheeks with this one! Just strap yourself in and Enjoy!



The undisputed KING of frosty/minty Snuses!?!

I was a big fan of menthol cigarettes 6 years ago when I quit. And of course that habit carried over to my Snus preferences. And after 6 years, Thunder Extra Strong Frosted Los is my absolute favorite of ALL Snus of all flavors! Unfortunately for me, all the minty flavors are a bit rough on my gums/mouth and will never be a DAILY go to for me. And while I enjoy other high nicotine "cool" Snus like Siberia, they all come in those dang pouches that get in the way of enjoying all that minty, burning goodness I love so much! (I know, quit blathering and get to the review!) OK, now that you all know that Thunder is my absolute favorite, I'll tell you why...…..First is the cool tin graphics. It catches the eye of most folks who then ask what it is. Which is always good to point out what Snus is and its benefits over smoking cigs or vaping. ;-) 2. That awesome fresh mint smell that you get every time you open a tin of Thunder Frosted Snus. Many of the similar flavored brands either have a nasty, sweetish smell or even a CHEMICAL aroma upon opening. 3. While it is not up to Prima Fint, prilla baking greatness, it is moist and fine enough that you shouldn't have any problems baking by hand. And while you probably will get a few pieces of tobacco floating around in your mouth after a while, the vast majority of it will stay where you put it. 4. Flavor. While all the brands in this category have little actual tobacco flavor, Thunder's is probably most noticeable. Most likely due to the fact that it is in Los form. But even then, if you are not a big fan of tobacco flavor, its taste shouldn't bother you as it is very mild. Unlike the mint flavor which pretty much slaps you in the face, with a silky glove of course! With just enough sweetness to make things interesting. This is what makes Thunder Frosted Los SHINE! They hit the level of sweetness right on the mark! Not sickening sweet like many brands or like others that have NO sweetness causing them to taste rather "flat" and "dry". Even if you have not or, never planned on trying Los Snus, you should try at least one tin of Thunder Frosted Los. The difference in taste, even from Thunder Frosted portion is night and day.


    Very Good Mint Snus

    I've been using this as my first snus of the day, as a sort of nicotine breakfast. It's very minty, and I enjoy that sort of bracing, cold sensation.

    For me, this is a very strong snus, both in terms of flavor intensity and nicotine. I tend to ditch my prillas after 30 minutes or so and move on to something a bit tamer.

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    V2 Frosted Los - Review

    Having tried Thunder Frosted, Thunder Frosted mini and Thunder Frosted Slim+ portions the Los version is by far the best one out of the bunch (still working on my tin of Frosted White dry). My main issue with the Thunder Frosted line is the extreme drip, I would burn out after a few portions.
    However, Thunder Frosted Los gives you that same great Frosted flavor without the drip overkill. Prilla's pack nicely and stay together, little to no mudslides when using my Icetool/Mortar. For the price Thunder Frosted Los is a steal.
    If you like Thunder Frosted but wished it had less drip, GET THIS. :)

    +Non-Sweet Spearmint flavor
    +Average Burn
    +Medium Grind Keeps Mudslides at Bay!
    +More Tobacco for Your Money
    +V2 Proven Quality and Taste
    +SnusCentrals Customer Service and Ultra Fast Shipping!
    -Not Sold in Florida (luckily for me I found SnusCentral)

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    Mint lover's only!

    I'm not a huge mint guy, but I found this snus very good. I may not order again, only because in Loose it is soooooo much mint! The snus is very moist, and was only drying out as I neared the end of the can. It packs very well into a prilla. Not being a mint person, portion mints are more my speed since it is hard to get through a can of loose. The strength was very nice.


      Not bad

      Wasnt always the fan of mints and what not, but this isnt bad. Its a different snus than the others and its a nice change up. Not too big on the burning sensation. Doesnt last long but can make your gums a little sensitive for a bit. Nice nicotine hit though



        This was my first experience with Swedish Snus some years ago. I was truly overwhelmed with the flavor and power. American brands don't even compare to the finery, that is Swedish Snus.Thunder Extra Strong Frosted Loose was an awakening by far. I have found the prilla holds well with an ice tool and the flavor is still ever present an hour after application. A great snus for the price too.


          Very good reminds me of general mint

          I assume if General mint took steroids it would taste alot like this. Very good flavor an my 1st loose experience an now loose is my home snus an this will definetly be in the rotation for some time to come with my general mint when i want something tamer. managed to keep every prilla in bout a hour and half before I started getting too many loose chuncks of tobacco coming out though i'm sure that was just because i'm learning how to use a icetool. Highly recomend trying.


            a great product

            Thunder frosted loose is excellent. It has a great mint flavor that lasts for hours, a nice aroma, and a very potent nicotine hit that comes on quick and doesn't let go. It's very affordable too. I used to use mint flavored dipping tobacco and Thunder frosted is in my opinion way better in terms of taste, strength, and value.


              This is a vast improvement over the Thunder Original Extra Strong flavor. The spearmint exhibits its presence quite intensely, not as a 'gentle hint;' there's nothing gentle about this product. I like that - strong flavor, not sweet, high nicotine content. Whereas the original flavor is just average, this is a powerhouse can of flavor. It hand-packs pretty well, and it's a bit moister than most loose. It still packs the flavor after two hours, which is all one can reasonably ask. Great price, great flavor, potent 'bang-for-the-buck' here.

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              My favorite los snus so far. Very creamy and sort of chocolately. I love it so much I basically half horse-shoed it 10 minutes ago with my 4ml icetool and I feel amazing. Also cheap! I need to stock up on this forsure.


                Been a while since i used any loose snus,but this was by far the best tasting,pleasant experience of any loose ive tried.

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                  Thunder Extra Strong Frosted Loose

                  Thunder Extra Strong Frosted Loose

                  Thunder Frosted Extra Strong Loose snus is the long-awaited sequel to Thunder Frosted Portion. Same great taste in a more intense lös form. Also the same 16mg/gram of nicotine so don't pack your cheeks with this one! Enjoy!

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                  is not a safe alternative for cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco is addictive.

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