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Ahlgrens Bilar - Salty Licorice 100g

Ahlgrens Bilar - Salty Licorice 100g
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Ahlgrens Bilar - Salty Licorice 100g



A new experience and slightly odd..

I loved this, I want to say that first. I knew there'd be black liquorice in here which I hated, but I wanted to try and get used to a stronger taste of black liquorice in order to enjoy my snus more thoroughly. I ended up loving it. Tried each of the 3 flavors and decided to just get the black ones out of the way first. First 20? were sharp black licorice which my taste perceived to be too strong and bad in many 1-2 piece attempts throughout the day. But around the 20th one I stopped and noticed it was good. And then went for another, and a whole bag. Now I'm sad I only ordered 1 bag. But at least I got a new appreciation for my snus!



    I got a bag of this with my snus order today and it is by far the best licorice I’ve ever had! Very salty, mild and sweet.

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    Best licorice candy I've had.

    I just got 2 bags of this with my Snus order today. They have the mouth feel of one of those creamy gummy marshmallow candies, and are dusted in very fine ground salt. Not too salty, not too sweet, but perfectly balanced and hard to stop eating. I'll be ordering these again, awesome.

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    Ahlgrens Bilar - Salty Licorice 100g

    Ahlgrens Bilar - Salty Licorice 100g

    Ahlgrens Bilar - Salty Licorice 100g

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