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Published : 03/02/2016 23:49:23

In addition to Swedish snus and whisky Swedish Snus Lord Moe Unz loves beer.  I'm am excited to announce that the SnusCentral Snus Store has proudly added Mellgren's IPA Lös snus and White portion snus to our catalog.

Truthfully, we were supposed to have added it weeks ago but somehow the paperwork was misplaced.  Yes, it was on my desk but to be clear, this is NOT the fault of me, Moe Unz! 

The important point is that we now have the highly rated Mellgren's IPA available for our customers!

Mellgren's IPA Edition Snus

Mellgren's Fine Tobacco, the premier tobacconist of Gothenburg since 1823, partnered with snus master Conny Andersson to create the first premium quality IPA flavored snus.

Conny is a personal friend and drinking companion of mine since his days at Swedish Match.  He was responsible for their annual Kardus Superior Edition snus offerings.

After his years at Swedish Match, Andersson partnered with GN Tobacco to create the famous Islay Whisky Snus.

He is now best known for his partnership with AG Snus to create Crafted Snus Whisky.

In the case of the Mellgren's IPA snus project, Andersson created the recipe and the tobacco design which AG Snus produced exclusively under the Mellgren's brand name.

Mellgren's IPA lös snus Version 1 was created and introduced with very short notice at a Whisky Festival in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2015.

The current Mellgren's IPA lös snus and the new IPA white portion are Version 2 products.  They are both excellent snuses and represent a further evolution for Andersson into beer-based snus.

There are a number of new alcohol-flavored snuses coming out during 2016.  I hopefully will be making a huge announcement during Week 11, 2016.  We live in exciting snus times!

You'll find all of them here; always fresh, shipped lightening fast, and at great prices, at your SnusCentral Snus Shop!  I, Moe Unz, guarantee it!

Legendary Swedish Snus Lord and Manager;
The Snus Shop at

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is not a safe alternative for cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco is addictive.

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