General Kardus Selection 2015 Price and Availability Update !

Published : 04/13/2015 16:21:10

UPDATED 13 April 2015:  I held a late night unscheduled press conference at my favorite pub with an update on General Kardus Selection 2015 pricing and availability.

It is true the patrons kept buying me free drinks while cajoling me to give up the General Kardus information.  I held out for quite some time, taking full advantage of their liquid bribe attempts, while revealing nothing.

It was only when the crowd started turning hostile that I threw down my last free drink and revealed the General Kardus 2015 information they were demanding.

What does General Kardus Selection 2015 cost?

General Kardus Selection 2015UPDATE:  General Kardus Selection 2015 arrived with no prior warning at our Snus Shop today.

Quantities are VERY LIMITED.  Because of the strong USD, the price for General Kardus 2015 has dropped from $109.38 to $93.48 per box (at today's exchange rate)!

Even at this discounted price, General Kardus is the second most expensive snus ever offered.

UPDATE:  General Kardus  Ordering Instructions!

Due to the extremely limited supply, I can only allow only one Kardus per order/customer as long as stock will last!

No splitting of orders and we would recommend ordering General Kardus on its own, not adding further products to the shipment.  Each General Kardus is pre-packed in its shipping box by Swedish Match and no more product will fit in that box.

If you live outside the US and normally order via Swedish Post, we recommend selecting a UPS shipping alternative if available for your destination address.

I offer no guarantee that we will have any General Kardus 2015 remaining for sale by the time you read this; eStore allotments are very small, even after dropping the Unz name at Swedish Match!

I would advise those who have been waiting breathlessly, like me Moe Unz, to order your General Kardus ASAP.  If the product page says "out of stock", then we are and will not be receiving any more.

For detailed information on the wonder which is General Kardus, I strongly advise reading Larry's December 2014 article General Kardus Selection 2015: Everything you need to know.

Until later, Enjoy your REAL snus!

Legendary Swedish Snus Lord and Manager;
The Snus Shop at

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Moe Unz

04/21/2015 21:49:56

Hi Loose Goose! I too found General Kardus 2015 to be a decided step up from the last two Kardus releases in 2012 and 2011. There was no book with General Kardus 2015 release 2. They printed the information usually found in the old books on the box....or someone stole my book too! Either way, enjoy your Kardus!

Moe Unz

04/21/2015 16:38:50

Hi Loose Goose! I too found General Kardus 2015 to be a decided step up from the last two Kardus releases in 2012 and 2011. There was no book with General Kardus 2015 release 2. They printed the information usually found in the old books on the box....or someone stole my book too! Either way, enjoy your Kardus!

Loose Goose

04/21/2015 13:19:52

Very smooth with a deceptively subtle taste. Once you start picking up on the notes of flavor it is wonderful. Enjoyed this very much. Paid $100 for this and did not receive the booklet that came with it which is kind of a drag. But the snus itself is top shelf.

Moe Unz

01/04/2015 17:59:03

Thank you for the excellent review, Chris. For those snusers who did not get the opportunity to try General Kardus 2015, I think you have made clear the experience. I myself had planned to write a review of General Kardus Selection but holiday drinking took precedence! Have a wonderful 2015 and enjoy your Kardus!


01/04/2015 08:14:19

General Kardus 2015: my first Kardus. I use General G3 on a regular basis although I enjoy many flavors of snus. For tobacco flavor I like Ettan Lös, Roda Lacket, Goteborgs Prima Fint. Kardus 2015 on first taste reminded me of Ettan Loose (Lös). It is definitely a TOBACCO flavor. And after a couple weeks of use (half the can) I am in love with it. It smells like a box of fine cigars. Dark, earthy, bold. The taste is similar, dark and bold, mellows out a touch but carries that pure dark tobacco flavor along for the ride. When it hits certain parts of the tongue it is almost sweet, in a natural tobacco type way. A tad bitter on the back of the tongue. Very very soft luxurious feel and I LOVE the longer than snus cut. It doesn't mud slide like fine ground snus. All snus should be long cut IMO. It's very nice like a fine cigar. No other flavors that I can describe except fine well produced tobacco. FRESH FRESH FRESH! I am sorry I can't pick out notes like dried figs and rose hips, but to me it's just very good top shelf fresh tobacco. God it's good and not in a artificial flavor type way but just pure dark tobacco. Like an espresso. If Ettan were a run of the mill coffee like maxwell house, this is a fine Italian fresh brewed espresso, smooth with a slightly bitter earthy kick to it. I love to throw in a big pinch in my bottom left lip and sip on a slightly sweetened coffee with a little cream in it first thing in the morning. I think the longer cut is better for flavor and lack of mouth mess. I look forward to Kardus 2016!


12/22/2014 15:25:04

Thank you for the detailed response Moe! I will follow your advise/knowledge and also save some to compare to 2016. Just received my Kardus 10 minutes ago. Much too early to give a review but I can say this... Upon opening the beautiful box/packaging it feels as if the can itself is very solid, high quality with the cap keeping an air tight seal for the snus. The tobacco itself smells VERY DARK AND VERY RICH! It is definitely the freshest and softest snus I have ever touched. The cut is like that of American dip, but much softer and pure, moist, soft so soft. This will be a VERY comfortable snus to pinch and pack! More on the flavor later. For now I can only say... DARK, RICH, BOLD. Thank you from NY, USA!Christopher

Moe Unz

12/22/2014 09:18:56

That is an excellent question, Christopher and I congratulate you on being one of the select few who need to ask it!I would store your General Kardus in the refrigerator when not in use. The flavor is not fully developed for 8 weeks and will keep developing beyond that time.. I am estimating Swedish Match stored it in their chiller room for a week before shipping so you will be able to enjoy the evolution of the flavor profile. I would not consider vacuum sealing or freezing it for the first 5-6 months; just keep it refrigerated. This assumes you have some left. ;-) Depending how much you have left, you could then vacuum-seal and freeze it in sizes you feel you would consume within 2-4 weeks. When you take a bag out of the freezer for use, leave it in the refrigerator for 2 days before opening. The accepted rule of thumb is that once frozen, the flavor will begin to fade after a year and the nicotine after 14 months. Since General Kardus is prepared so differently than production snus's, you will probably get some extra freezer time but I. Moe Unz, do not guarantee that. It would be interesting to keep one bag frozen until Kardus 2016 is available next year. This way, you will be able to compare 2015 to 2016. Congratulations again and enjoy your General Kardus 2015! Be sure to leave us a review!


12/22/2014 06:57:57

Hey Moe, what is the best way to keep kardus fresh? Vacuum sealed bags in freezer or fridge??? Thanks!

Moe Unz

12/12/2014 18:31:59

Our allotment of General Kardus Selection 2015 sold out in less than one hour!!!! I am on the road to Stockholm on a mission to convince Swedish Match to increase our allocation. I have my broom in the trunk if Marcus or Peter need additional "convincing". We will see what happens. Wish me luck!


12/12/2014 11:26:26

Well that's great, I sleep for 4 hours after refreshing the website constantly for 6 hours straight and it's out of stock. This is bullshit

Moe Unz

12/12/2014 08:01:41

Mr, Usual Snuspects, General Kardus 2015 is NOW available for pre-order!

Moe Unz

12/12/2014 01:59:13

Mr, Usual Snuspects, my poor English may have betrayed me. I was attempting to indicate the date; not the precise minute. I am not known for being precise or on time. I will alter my blog post.

Usual Snuspects

12/12/2014 01:30:10

Welcome to the internet, Moe. 12/12 GMT/UTC implies 00:00. If it sells out fast, customers who missed out (because the release was semi-random) will send you all their wet, used portions.

Moe Unz

12/12/2014 00:51:03

Back, Back, you Kardus lions! Any closer and I'll swat you with my famous broom!Yes, it is after 12 Dec GMT which means it's 01:44 here in Sweden. I am still working hard at my pub but the rest of the staff is asleep in their beds.Annika probably wants to verify with Swedish Match one last time that the General Kardus is shipping before turning on the pre-order page. It could also be that I just wrote the product description an hour ago...I was supposed to have done that Monday.Make sure you follow us on Facebook and/or twitter. As soon as the General Kardus pre-order page is up (and someone remembers to tell me), I'll be announcing it there!

Usual Snuspects

12/12/2014 00:23:26's 12/12 GMT and no pre-order page? Are you eating all the kardus Moe?


12/12/2014 00:17:47



12/12/2014 00:10:40

Is there a specific time that it becomes available?

Moe Unz

12/11/2014 06:25:30

Yes it is John! Very exciting!

John Chorovich

12/10/2014 14:34:54

Getting close now!

Moe Unz

12/06/2014 02:35:22

Who told you that Lars? It is NOT true! I would never do something that self-serving. Especially not now after you have told everyone. Thanks for nothing, Lars.


12/05/2014 23:53:00

Hej Moe!  Are the rumors true that you will be having a raffle at our pub for a box of General Kardus 2015 and that the cost of a raffle ticket is a bottle of your favorite whisky?

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