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Jakobsson's Strong Cola Portion Snus

Jakobsson's Special Strong Cola portion snus is back for a limited time!  The flavor has a straightforward cola taste. There is a touch of sweetness, but it isn't overdone and it complements the cola flavor quite well!  If you're looking for a cola flavored high nicotine snus, this is worth trying!

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10 Cans

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Tobacco weight (g): 20Portions / Can: 20
Nicotine (%): 1.4Available Since: 2017
Portionsstorlek: RegularShipping Weight (g): 40
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Cola
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Flavors, Humectant (E1520), Salt, pH Adjuster (E500), Sweetener (E954)

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Jakobsson's Special Strong Cola snus uses a different pouch than other Jakobsson snus products.  It's very comfortable and moister too.  Each pouch contains a full 1 mg of snus and is high nicotine at 1.4%.



Haribo happy cola

Nice cola bottle candy flavor, just sweet enough. Mixes surprisingly well with the flavor of the tobacco. Perfect nicotine strength for me too, very satisfying. I also agree with another reviewer that this would be awesome as a white portion for prolonging the flavor experience.


    New taste of the day

    Just got this snus in today and was very impressed with it, I'm not a cola drinker so I figured this one would taste really sugary. But to my surprise it wasn't sugary at all...defiantly gonna buy a roll of this with my next order. Everyone should be giving this one a try.


      MI man

      Love it. Wasn't sure it was going to be any good, so I only ordered one can. I wish I had order couple rolls. Definitely will be putting the little dandy in to my rotation. Jacobson makes some good snus. They are my favorite brand.


        This is the bomb!!!!!!!!!

        Man if they made this in a white portion, it would be my new absolute favorite. The flavor is perfect...like Cola flavored candy. Sweet but not too sweet. I'm not a fan of original portions..but I'll be getting rolls of this anyway...and hoping they decide to make it in a white portion. Fantastic!!


          Better Than I Thought It Would Be

          I would consider myself a fan of Jakobsson's snus. Every single order, I'll get 2-4 rolls from them and I'm always down to try the seasonals and experimentals. Cola and tobacco, though? Weird. I wasn't so sure on this one, so I opted for just a few cans for a taste. In hindsight, I could have easily done a roll and would order one in the future. I surprisingly enjoyed the cola and tobacco infusion and it worked far better than I imagined. I don't even remember sneaking the second can from my stash, but I was down to one can before I knew it. I tend to mostly do tobacco flavored snus, but have come to love mixing things up with flavored snus every few cans and this one fits that bill perfectly. So long as this one sticks around, it'll probably get rotated in with other seasonals as orders allow.


            Tastes pretty good, smells off if kept too warm.

            This was one of the first batches of snus I ordered, and it was good enough that I got a roll the next time.

            It's a decent cola flavor, maybe a bit heavy on the wintergreen usually used to make a cola flavor "pop." Good burn too - I know when I have it in, and I know when it's done. The portions are moist too - moister than what I typically expect (even from other Jakobsson's flavors,) and I suspect that causes the problem described below.

            The one problem with it is that once you've had it in your pocket for a day or so, it starts to smell a bit like.. let's go with catfish bait. That was a good enough description from a previous review, and far more polite than the scatological term I was going to put here. The smell is subtle, and I certainly can't taste it, but it's definitely offputting when you're expecting the whiff of tasty cola goodness you got when you first opened it.

            Oddly, it only seems to happen once it gets past a certain temp. I've got two sets of cans I carry, one to work and one left on my desk at home, and the one at home doesn't develop the same "aroma."

            As a second point of reference, the Jakobbson's Apple and Skrogsbar I've been keeping in the other pocket doesn't do the same thing - it still smells pleasantly of apples, even at the end of the can.

            All in all, I'd only recommend this if you're going to keep it cool between portions - as it is, I'm going to finish the can I have and move on to other flavors (which should arrive soon!)

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            Strong but tastey

            I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this, but I ordered 2 cans to try. Pleasantly surprised with the cola flavor. If you've ever had cola flavored candies, it's very close to that without being too sweet. It doesn't taste like a pepsi or coke. Maybe closer to RC Cola but still closer to cola candy. Strong portions are a bit much for me, but should a time occur where I feel like I need a strong quick nicotine hit, this can be something I'll turn to.

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            OK, to start, I hate portion snus, I hate sweet with my tobacco, but this... I love this. This definitely isn't an everyday all day snus, but it's good, really good. Perfect flavor of cola, not super strong or sickeningly sweet. It actually developes a nice tobacco flavor about 30 minutes in. My normal snus rotation consists of all loose snus, Roda Lacket , Skruf, occasional Goteborgs Rape, Ettan and General but, this, this weirdly amazing stuff is a nice break from the norm. Buy it, try it, add it to your rotation, thank me later.

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            Generic cola flavor

            Been doing snus since last month to get off of cigs and it's working. Started with Camel so called snus, than found a place that sold The General, mint and wintergreen is what I switched to after Camel. I tried the 10 can assorted and the only one I really liked out of that was the Thunder very raspy one. The others was original assortments ranging from to strong in the bitter department or having some bubble gum taste that gives me a headache. So, I ordered different flavors this time and bought one can of this, and I have to say, the Nic hit was good, the flavor is like a store bought generic cola taste, no where near the Coke Cola taste I'm used too but, I still recommend this since I'll be buying more down the road. My roommate smelled it and stated it smelled like catfish bait which I don't think it smells that way. He still smokes so maybe the cigs are affecting his smell factor.

            • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.

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            Jakobsson's Strong Cola Portion Snus

            Jakobsson's Strong Cola Portion Snus

            Jakobsson's Special Strong Cola portion snus is back for a limited time!  The flavor has a straightforward cola taste. There is a touch of sweetness, but it isn't overdone and it complements the cola flavor quite well!  If you're looking for a cola flavored high nicotine snus, this is worth trying!

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