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Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice White Xtra Strong

Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice White Xtra Strong Portion Snus is a white portion version of the very popular Crushed Ice from Nick and Johnny.
1 Can
10 Cans
Tobacco weight (g): 22Nicotine (%): 1.2
Portions / Can: 22Available Since: 2013
Pouch Size: NormalShipping Weight (g): 40
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Mint/MentholFlavor Group: Fresh
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Salt, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjuster (E 500), Flavors, Sweetener (E 950)

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Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice White Xtra Strong Portion Snus is a white version of the very popular Crushed Ice from Nick and Johnny. This new white version has the same medium-boiled tobacco character with a fresh taste of mint!

This is a white portion snus meaning it does not go through an additional wetting process during manufacture.  This makes the pouch drier to the touch and gives it a whitish color, hence the name white portion.

The flavor also comes on slower but lasts longer than a regular portion snus.  More information than this confuses our manager, Moe Unz, so this is about all the detail we can go into or need to mention.



Strong Mint Toothpaste Snus

I don’t say “toothpaste” in a derogatory way. But yeah, of all the mints I’ve tried I get a strong Crest undertone. But not in a bad way. Who doesn’t want to swallow refreshing toothpaste. As Long as I’m not taking in fluoride, all good, am I right. As far as five star reviews go I give five stars to Skruf’s Slim Fresh White’s Stark. Looking forward to trying Lab’s rendering of mint.


    The God Emperor of Mint Snus

    There is simply no other mint that compares in both flavor and strength in my opinion. I order multiple rolls each time I shop here. My first go-to snus after I brush my teeth each morning, and after every meal.


      Too sweet, too weak

      For an extra strong, the nicotine doesn’t seem to have the kick that Oden Extreme does. (I got the mint sampler pack and compared).

      The flavor is a tad sweet for my taste as well. Not to say it’s not enjoyable, but for a sweet mint I prefer Formula No.7 sweet mint.

      Not bad but not my favorite either.

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      Flavorful, Strongish, Probably will be my 'go-to'

      I've tried several different brands and flavors over the years from SnusCentral and this is probably my favorite. The Nicotine content (and Tobacco Taste) is just right, not overwhelming like Extra Strong offerings from Thunder and Offroad and the taste is just sweet enough, but not candy-like. They last quite a while too.

      The "Crushed Ice" name may lead you to believe that these Snus are really minty or sweet, but they're not.
      When they go on sale (like a 10+5 promotion), you can't go wrong snatching up as many as you can afford.

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      Tasty and Strong

      I was at the airport in Sweden looking for new snus at the duty free. I'm from the states and only ever had American Snus (camel, Marlboro and skoal) I randomly chose Nick and Johnny and it blew my mind. Good nic hit, good mint taste, not too over powering perfect mix of mint/spearmint with tobacco taste and not sweet like I was used to from American Snus. I've tried other Snus from Sweden and I keep coming back to N & J.

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      It's good

      I've been snusing for one year now. I snus almost exclusively general mint while throwing in a random new one here and there. I just keep going back to general mint.

      I was very excited for nick and johnny crushed ice because I feel like general mint is giving me just enough nicotine to hold off my cravings, but not enough for a buzz. So nick and johnny is about 50% stronger.

      The taste is almost all spearmint for me and I like it. Will it replace general mint for me.. Eh, probably not. But it's good and I'll definitely use it when I feel like I need a little more nicotine.


        Pretty good

        The mint is there, and I'm not a fan of overpowering mint flavored.... This isn't one of them. Good Suns to change flavored up because even mints get old after a few cans in a row. Nicotine is good but don't think it should be called extra strong...

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        Not bad at all. Much better than Thunder Frosted White, but still not as flavorful as my favorite, General Large White Mint- this is a somewhat close second though and with a stronger nic hit as well. Also getting more of a medley of peppermint, spearmint, and wintergreen than General White Mint's decidedly spearmint profile. Dig the new N+J retro '50s looking can graphics. Another score for Swedish Match in the abundantly saturated mint market..

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        Well this mint is the second in my rotation and has a mild nic hit for an extra strong mint. It comes on quick and last about 1 hour. The mint flavor is really good. I have about a 15 can history with this snus and really like its flavor but it is a little low in nic content for my taste, thus it is 2nd in my rotation. It would be a great choice for moving into the "real Snus" market from the various American Mints.

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        Aside from General Mint, which has (Yes!! Stamkos scored!! Sorry, Lightning hockey fan) been my mint Snus of choice, because I like it, and more importantly because it is available locally, this Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice is probably the best "mint" that I have tried. Sorry for the run-on sentence. Unfortunately for me, based on other people's reviews, I ordered a roll of Thunder Frosted Mint Long and a roll of Jakobsson's Strong Mint with my last order. The Jakobsson's is alright, and I plan not to waste them. The Thunder on the other hand, is really not for me.. as of now anyway. Maybe it will grow on me. To me, the Thunder does not have a good mint taste, but it also has a bad bitter "aftertaste". I say "aftertaste" in quotes, because that taste comes on about 30 minutes after I put 2 portions in (I always use 2 at a time).

        Anyway, onto the Nick and Johnny Crushed Ice. I recognize that the taste will not be for everyone. Especially because so many people have rated the Thunder Frosted so highly. I agree with the other reviewer that the taste of this may be considered sweet. It sort of tastes like a spearmint chewing gum. I like that however.

        The nicotine ratings need some kind of standardization I think. Either that, or I am just too unfamiliar with them. Or, maybe "Xtra Strong" and the like are not meant to represent nicotine content. The "Xtra Strong" in my opinion should mean that this Snus has a high nicotine rating. But this Snus has 12mg/g. To me, that should classify this in the "Strong" category. Like I said, I use 2 portions at a time, and I actually can get a buzz off of this, which I do not with the Thunder Frosted, and only sometimes with the Jakobsson's strong mint. I may not be the best judge on the nicotine strength, assuming that most people only use 1 portion at a time.

        Finally, I think the (good, to me) flavor lasts up to a couple hours with this Snus. It may depend on whether you wet it before you put it in your lip. I usually roll portions around in my mouth a bit before putting them in my lip. I only very recently realized that this may not be the normal method for using Snus. When other people say one Snus or another "drips," it always confused me because to me, they all "drip."

        I would recommend purchasing a single can if this sounds like something you may like. I was lucky to have this show up in my "Bag O' Snus."

        I apologize if my "reviews" are too long. I just try to give some context on why my opinions are as they are.

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        For as much as I like mint snus, for some reason I'm not as big a fan of this as others. It's a good snus, don't get me wrong...but the mint flavor is different from others. In some ways it almost seems like they tried to over-mint it. As a white portion, it will last longer, which is always a plus.

        It's not a bad product by any means, the flavor is just not the greatest to me.

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        Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice White Xtra Strong

        Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice White Xtra Strong

        Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice White Xtra Strong Portion Snus is a white portion version of the very popular Crushed Ice from Nick and Johnny.

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