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General Nordic Mint White

General Nordic Mint Portion Snus is similar in taste to General Mint, but the tobacco flavor is more pronounced and the nicotine is slightly lower.
1 Can
10 Cans
Snus weight (g): 10.8Portions / Can: 12
Nicotine (%): (medium)Available Since: 2012
Portionsstorlek: SlimShipping Weight (g): 33
Flavor Descr: Tobacco, Spearmint
Ingredients: Water, Tobacco, Salt, Humectant (E 1520), pH Adjusters (E 500, E 504), Sweetener (E 950), Flavors

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General Nordic Mint Portion Snus was released starting September 2011 into the US metro areas of Dallas, Chicago, and Philadelphia.  Nordic Mint  and it's companion, General Classic Blend, were designed specifically for the American convenience store market; competing toe to toe with Reynold's Camel SNUS and Altria's Marlboro and Skoal snuses. 

Since Store Manager Moe Unz has compromising photos of two certain individuals at Swedish Match AB, we are proud and honored to be able to offer General Nordic Mint snus to our customers around the world.

General Nordic Mint Portion Snus is similar in taste to General Mint, but the tobacco flavor is more pronounced and the nicotine is slightly lower.  The mint to tobacco balance is just a tad closer to Nick & Johnny Crushed Ice but the taste profile is true to the General snus brand.  Confused?  So were we until we until we tried it but it's pretty good.  Try a can and see for yourself.

Watch out, American snus-in-name only..... the General Snus Revolution has begun!



Camel Frost users this is it!

I have tried many Swedish snus brands to come close to the Camel Frost. This is it! You must try this if a Camel user!


    My Nordic Mint Review

    I have about a 50 can history with Nordic Mint and honesty I really enjoy the Spearmint flavor. Sometimes it can get too much if I don't rotate it out with General Original or General White Mint but hey having a 3-4 can rotation makes Snus use fun! Some might find this a tad too sweet for a General product but it was designed to target the Camel Frost users (I think). Overall I recommend Nordic Mint if you like SPEARMINT flavor and don’t mind sweet.


      First swedish snus

      First Swedish snus I tried, good flavor and like the slim style portions, kind of rough on the gums.


        I usually use General mint so I thought I would try nordic mint
        These taste and look like camel frost fake overly sweet the pouch
        Is more comfortable and filled with more tobacco than camel. I won't
        Be buying these again but they're General so I'll give them a 2 star


          I've been using Camel Snus for about two years when I quit smoking and just recently switched to General. Wow, what a difference. I don't have to use two portions at a time, they're not dry, they don't scratch my gums, and then there's taste. I was so used to Camel that the first one tasted overly salty, but by about the third portion it was the other way around: General tastes smooth, has a nice mint flavor (the Nordic mint has a little more tobacco flavor than, say, the large white portion mint), and Camel tastes like some kind of sugary placebo. After using Nordic mint for a few hours, I put a Camel snus portion from an open can in my mouth for 5 minutes, then threw it away, then threw the rest of the Camel Snus away. I give Nordic Mint 4 out of 5 stars (bear in mind I'm very new to real Swedish Snus), My favorite right now is the General white portion mint, but there's a bunch of other kinds here that I have yet to try. If you're using Camel Snus now, you have to try real Swedish Snus like these.


            Pretty good snus. I have used well over 100 cans of this stuff (mainly in part to it being one of the only sweedish snus available in retail stores here in the US) and I like it. The mint is strong, almost candy like which is good and bad. Perfect after a meal but bad with coffee or whiskey, lol. Seems some tins are a little juicier than others but they are pretty consistant overall. The nic could be a little stronger, I do find myself wanting more nicotine before the flavor runs out at times. I get about 45 minutes per portion before the nicotine wears off but the flavor has lasted me up to a few hours. The portions are kind of the longer looking type but fit nice and soft in the gums and are easily concealable if thats a concern. I use them all the time and nobody has a clue. I can HIGHLY recommend this snus if you are a camel snus user, dump the camel and give this a try, you will likely never go back. I used camel occasionaly because it was available here in the US and the difference is night and day. Camel snus just feels like a chemical bomb compared to these. I would give it a 5 but the fact I can't enjoy it with coffee holds me back from it being my full time choice.

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            I am 28 years old. I have been a smoker since i was 16. About a month ago i started dipping because I could not breathe at all. I found dip to tear my mouth up badly, and spitting to be so annoying. At my smoke shop I talked to the proprietor about snus. He taught me what he knew about it and suggested I try some cheaper ones and see how I liked it. I tried Camel - Winterchill (which is a wrapper shy of being a stick of winterfresh gum) and Skoal Smooth Mint (which had such large portions and nasty after taste that it would give me a splitting headache minutes into it. So I did my research. I learned about the magic that is Swedish Snus. Now the problem was - finding it. I turned up some General Nordic Mint at my local gas station believe it or not! And it is a match made in heaven. There is absolutely no comparing American snus to Swedish snus. I recommend skipping over the american stuff all together. Nordic Mint has an amazing fresh snus scent when you open the tin. With a nice mint overlay. Its not to sweet, but its sweet enough to satisfy the american palate. The nicotine hit is way more potent than the american versions I tried as well. The aftertaste is a little sweet but goes away quickly. The portion size is perfect for discretion as well. I am happy to find real Snus in my local gas station and I think everyone should try it (who is a tobacco user) I can't wait to print my General coupons and try some General White Portions, time to step up into the major leagues! Snus _3

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            I think this is a decent snus,to me much more a peppermint than spearmint flavor.thats the good part.but it tastes way to sweet,almost like candy than tobacco.still much better than camels mint snuses,but no where close to my fav munt snus,skruf slim fresh.unfortunately,does not appear skruf product will be making their way to our convience stores anytime soon,so if you see this product in your local stores and yer other snus choices are camel,skoal and/or marlboro snus ,choose the general nordic mint,its real albeit sweet,swedish snus.not a bad snus

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            I had previously only tried Skoal snus as it was the only one available to me. While it wasn't bad, I didn't like how it got an acrid taste after 30 minutes. I heard that the Swedish snus was the real deal and another reality altogether. I finally saw General was selling in the area and quickly got a pack of this and I can say it is night and day! It has a nice minty kick and a nice tingle. Unlike the Skoal it doesn't overpower with mint and is a pleasant experience, and it lasts up to an hour or longer depending on how wet your lip is. This is the one that got me really enjoying snus.

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              General Nordic Mint White

              General Nordic Mint White

              General Nordic Mint Portion Snus is similar in taste to General Mint, but the tobacco flavor is more pronounced and the nicotine is slightly lower.

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              US Government Mandated Warnings for Americans 

              Depending on the month, this product can cause mouth cancer, can cause gum disease and tooth loss, 
              is not a safe alternative for cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco is addictive.

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