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Bag O' Snus! - Portion

The our famous Bag O' Snus portion snus! You get fresh, new snus worth a lot more than you're paying....but you'll have no idea what snus you are receiving.

1 Can
10 Cans

Shipping Rates

Tobacco weight (g): 19Portions / Can: ~20
Available Since: 2003Portionsstorlek: Regular
Shipping Weight (g): 39Flavor Descr: Varying
Ingredients: Varying

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The famous Bag O' Snus is back! Here's how the Bag O' Snus works: we sell a LOT of Snus! We also like to break open rolls to try new snus's ourselves. It's called "eating your profits" but we don't care because we love Swedish and Scandinavian Snus as much as you do!

This created a concern because we were accumulating a lot of various single cans and open rolls. They take up space in our refrigerators.

When a trailer pulls up to our loading dock with a thousand rolls of assorted snus, we can't tell them to come back tomorrow. Especially Swedish Match. You don't turn away a shipment of General Snus because you've got no more room. They know where you live.

That's where the Bag O' Snus comes in. We price these cans very low because we need to clear out those cans before Swedish Match comes back...or Skruf.  They take it VERY personally when their favorite SnusCENTRAL refrigerators are not available. VERY personally.

You get a very low per can/per roll price for fresh snus but you don't know what you're getting. Could be some lower priced snus in there. Could be General Onyx. Could be both. We mix it up so you get a really great deal.  What you never will get is expired or old snus!

We need you happy so we can make room in the refrigerators! Worst case, you could get three of the same snus if you order a roll/10 cans but no more than three. And if it's three cans of Onyx or Islay portion snus, who cares?

So take a walk on the Wild Side, save money, and turn waiting for the mail into a much more intense experience! Bag O' Snus. Bag O' Fun!


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This bag o snus is a great way to try new flavors. I always add a roll of these whenever I place an order at snuscentral. The last few times a discovered another snus I never knew I enjoyed!

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Excellent price and variety

This is what I order every time I buy from SnusCentral. The snus is always fresh and I rarely get two of the same type.


    Good variety

    Ordered on 12/12 and received on 12/16, very fast! I got a nice variety, no doubles. Only one that I had tried before, the rest were all new to me. Been using snus for a few years now(mostly general here in the US). Trying The Lab 24 Mint Licorice first, and although I don't like Licorice this one is actually pretty nice. Would recommend Snus Central to anyone who likes to try different snus. Very pleased.

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    For the Adventurous Snuser

    I've ordered this mixed bag several times and I've yet to be disappointed by anything I've received. Always fresh and delicious too. If you're wary about what you might receive, I'd suggest writing some likes/dislike in the order comment box. I always leave a comment there and always receive a personal reply. Love this mix and love SnusCentral!

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    Fantastic deal, amazing service!

    First time order received today, I am new to snus and this definitely was the best way to try new Swedish Snus products, great variety and an incredible deal. Definitely ordering again!

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    Fantastic Deal

    Ordered this not knowing what I'd get and made a few requests in the comment section during ordering. They gave me several of the ones I asked for and some great ones I haven't tried yet. Fantastic deal for trying new snus out. Snuscentral is the bomb, will be ordering this again.

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    Fun way to buy

    Being new to Swedish snus, this was a great option for me to try a few brands other than General that I can find locally. Got a few general they don't sell here, odens extreme thunder ultra frosted skruf original and white strong and grove and granit strong/maxed. Would have liked some more flavor a but that's my fault for not putting that in the comments.

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    Bag O Snus!

    Just received my order, I am so pleased that i ordered the Bag O Snus!

    Skruf Mynta (have one in now and its amazing)
    Oden's extreme white
    Nick and Johnny Americana
    Goteborges Lime( one of my favorites)
    Lab series extra strong
    General strong white
    General Rustic blend
    Thunder extra strong melon
    Thunder extra strong raspberry
    General Onyx! (to top it off)

    I can't recommend the bag o snus enough! You definitely get your money's worth, thank you snuscentral!

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    So glad I decided to order this first. What a great idea they came up with! Of course shipping is expensive, but wow it's fast. I'm not new to snusing but I haven't been able to get my hands on anything other than camel and a couple boring American general cans. (Which are still better than camel) So here's what I got! Four different Generals that they do not sell in the US. Two of the Goteborgs Rape, a large white and a large white lime which I was really excited about, I love the lime. Two thunders, an extra stark cool mint and extra strong frosted. Again, nice mint selections here. And finally a skruf extra stark white and an oden's extreme. No duplicates, all new to me. The biggest problem I have is deciding which can to go through first!

    I wonder if they would let you buy like three of these bags at once... hmm

    Thanks snuscentral

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    On my first order with SnusCentral, I decided it would be fun to try out one of these grab bags. I like experimenting with different snus here and there, but it can be a tedious task to pick each one out individually after awhile. This pack really appealed to me, just order a thing and get what you get...I rarely find many snus completely unusable and am always willing to taste something different. I can heartily recommend these mixes. I received an excellent mix with no duplicates, everything from whites to starks, mints to regulars of mostly different brands. Definitely received some things I probably would have never thought to try...and have enjoyed! Like the description mentions, it is kind of enjoyable to anticipate your order without knowing what it is you'll receive! I was a little worried I might be getting "close to expiration" inventory, but that turned out not to be the case and everything I received had a healthy shelf life remaining. Overall, I felt it was a good value. I'll probably consider throwing in a grab bag each order, just to keep my options fresh!

    • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.

    Well I ordered this as I wanted some portions to pad out between the loose I had ordered, decided to use the comments section to tell them what I had tried and that I would like strong pouches. Well I can only say wow! I got no doubles in the order, I received lab series, Knox, skruf, nord 66, kronan, taboca and general extra strong. Again I will point out I got NO doubles, I got a wide selection and have only tried 2 previously, and only one I did not like which is lab series 13, which to me tastes like drinking red bull with a mouth full of hubba bubba. I highly recommend this, add some notes an im sure you won't be disappointed.

    • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

    I just received my first shipment in today 5/29/13 and I ordered it on 5/24/13 so I am ultra impressed with the speed in which I received my order. This is my first time ordering and trying Snus other than the US Camel Snus and I was not expecting the treat I received. The Strongs I received were very strong for me but I will appreciate that in time I think.

    I receive a few Generals, Jakobsson's, Offroads, Swedish Match, Ettan and an Oden's. 2 of the cans were Licorice/Lakrits which I had asked for in the order details section of my purchase and they hooked me up!

    Snuscentral has exceeded my expectations and full marks are not enough to describe my experience. Thank you SC I will be ordering more in the future.

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    1st order was a home-run. Recent convert from American dipping tobacco.
    General brand portion recently become available in my area. Was blown away by it converted- and am NEVER going back.
    My 10 cans were all unique (no doubles). A few Mints, a few Starks, a few Whites, a few wets.....lined them up in the fridge in order of Use By Date and am just going to plow through them that way. 1st up is Grovsnus Svart...a nice start. Order witconfidencece. Swedish Snus has become my new passion. LOVE the Bag O' Snus approach to exploring this new and exciting lifestyle change.

    • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.

    Not sure what to think of the mix I got.Let's just say it's a good thing I'm not new to using snus.

    Anyways here's what was in my box.

    Catch White Eucalyptus.
    Skruf Xtra Stark White.
    Taboca White Extra Strong.
    Thunder Cool Mint White.
    Jakobbson's Strong Wintergreen.
    General Long White Extra Strong.
    Granit Explosive.
    Skruf Tranbar.
    Oden's Extreme 59.
    Nick & Johnny Radical Red.

    All in all a great value just wishing there were a few less intense brands in the mix would make this a better deal.

    • 2 out of 2 people found this review useful.

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    Bag O' Snus! - Portion

    Bag O' Snus! - Portion

    The our famous Bag O' Snus portion snus! You get fresh, new snus worth a lot more than you're paying....but you'll have no idea what snus you are receiving.

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